January 7, 2020

Block Work in Neverland

Cold. Early. YHC wasn’t feeling it, but I had committed, so I drove.

Drive tunes: A Black Mile to the Surface, Manchester Orchestra (2017); Sunshine on Leith, The Proclaimers (1988)


SSH x20; IW x15; Daisy Pickers x15; tempo squat x10; tempo merkin x10 (Zima circled the lot.)

Get yo blocks!

CMU curls IC x15; CMU tri extension IC x15

Walk over next to the abandoned baby stroller and partner up! (Zima continued to circle the lot.)

Flora 1-2-3: Each pair did the following cumulative reps:
100 derkins (feet on block); P1 planked while P2 did 10 reps, then swapped
200 LBCs (block on chest); P1 held feet at 6″ with block overhead while P2 did 20 reps, swapped
300 goblet squats; P1 held Al Gore (with or without block) while P2 did 25 reps, swapped

Well, that was easy!

Saunter over to the gazebo area for two rounds of:
8 Bulgarian split squats each leg; wall sit for 30-60 seconds

Saunter back over to the stroller. (Zima continued circling.)

7’s with: blockees and mountain climbers (hands on block)

A final round of: 15 CMU curls and 10 tri extensions.

Simple! Easy! Fun! (Zima circling.)

Flutter kicks with CMU overhead IC x15
V-ups with CMU OYO x10
Flutter kicks with CMU overhead IC x15
V-ups with CMU OYO x10 (Finally, Zima stopped.)

5 PAX, no effin’ jeez

YHC read a brief article from Art of Manliness.

Live Life Drunk

“Humans’ millennia-long history of seeking, tweaking, using, and abusing every mind-altering substance under the sun, tells us that the question is not whether people can deal with the oppressively heavy yet achingly empty weight of unmediated reality, but what they will choose for their sanity-preserving buffer; not whether you should get drunk, but what from.

“So daily drink up from the truly good stuff; get thoroughly sotted on friendship and love, art and beauty, exercise and action; for he who is able to endure life’s most difficult burdens, is he who gets thoroughly intoxicated on its most dizzying joys.”

Great time this morning getting to know Bobsled and Liberace a little bit. We talked about subs and warheads and piano composition. We did not get hit by a car at Crave. Zima is still rucking.

Service project this Saturday. Downtown brewery ruck on 1/16. Tigers basketball game on 1/25. Check the preblast for details!

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