September 5, 2018

BLIMPS with a Little Heavy Lifting

THE SCENE:  76 and nice


SS Hops IC x 15

Daisy Pickers IC x 15

Overhead Press IC x 15 w/ CMU

Curls IC x 15 w/ CMU

Overhead Press IC x 15 w/ CMU


BLIMPS – A circuit workout at each station and on your own. 

Burpees x 5

Lunges x 10 (2 is 1)

Imperial Walkers (2 is 1) x 15

Merkins (Hand release) x 20

Plank Jacks x 25

Squats x 30

We had 9 Pax that were brave enough to show up, so we split up into teams of 3. 

2 Pax would perform this circuit while the 3rd Pax carrying something heavy for 100 yards and back. Then they would rotate where the next Pax would carry the load down and back. And so on. We would continue this until each team member carried the load twice. 

We would rinse and repeat for 2 more stations. 

Station 1: Farmer carry a 45# plate in each hand. 

Station 2: Carry 40# bag

Station 3: Carry 60# bag

Pickle Pounders IC x 3. Yep only 3. Ran out of time

9 Pax ( 1 FNG – Ramrod)

Choker, Flobee, Carport, Orange Julius, Red Roofer, Ramrod, Phat Pat, Sleep Number, Woodpecker


A lot of times we begin projects or we have good intentions to do things and for some reason when we are half way through we ( or at least I) slack off or quit with a job not finished. When that happens understand that’s not how God has created you. He wants you to finish what you start and to finish strong. The only way you can do that is through The Lord. If you find yourself in that situation pray about it and lean on your brothers for strength. Finish what you start and finish it STRONG!

Pay attention to the time. I almost ran out of time on this workout.
There is a GrowRuck event later this month