February 9, 2021

Blazing Fitness

Perfect weather. Got there early to set up a few things. Cantore, Sparky and Ryan Howard ran 8 miles… Geez. Cantore and Sparky for the Irish Pre-run. Cantore had to get back home to take daughter to hospital for a scheduled surgery.


Not a professional. Modify as needed.


10 Daisy Pickers IC

15 Hillbilly Walkers


1:00 Monkey Humpers

Triple Broad Jump

2:00 T Merkins


25M Sprint and back

25M Bear crawl and back

25M side shuffle and back

25M sprint and back


1:00 MH – beat previous hump

Broad Jump – beat previous jump

2:00 T Merkins – beat previous

If PAX did not beat previous time, they did 5 penalty Burpees.


25M Sprint

25M Bear Crawl

25M side shuffle

25M sprint

Beat previous time, or 5 burpees.


Something that has been on my mind lately… Listened to a podcast that spoke about “Manifesting” – a new ideology on will power and the power of positive thinking (I am not condemning positive thinking). The issue with Manifesting is that it is totally self centered/reliant. “If I think hard enough, concentrate hard enough on getting _____ then I can get it.” It puts ourselves at the center of our universe.

But what happens when we don’t achieve it? Or what happens when we sacrifice everything to get that one thing that we want. It is a completely selfish ideology that can destroy you.

We need others. This is what is so attractive about F3. On my own, as much as I set my mind to it, I fail at working out. Sure I can got a few weeks/months, but ultimately I fail. F3 provides an environment of male community and support to lift me up and keep me going. Dare to do something you cannot do on your own.

Ultimately, From a Christian perspective, everything/everyone will eventually fail us.  At the end of Exodus 5 Moses has reached the end of himself. He cries out to God in frustration. Verse 22 “…O Lord, why have you done evil to this people?” So what does God do? Does God pump Moses up? No. He reminds Moses who He is. Read Exodus 6. “I… I… I… I… I… I…” We, and everything around us, were made to fail. So that we can come crawling to Him.

Hats off to Hobo on the fitness test, I did modify it. However, there is no cheating on any of these items. You can’t cheat a T Merk, Burpee (in BS case MH), Murder Bunnies (BS Bear Crawl), Sprints, side shuffle, triple broad jump etc… I believe another Quarterly test is on the horizon, can you beat your previous time?

HS/Early College Playlist

The General – Dispatch

Queen of my Double Wide Trailer – Sammy Kershaw

Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root

Ain’t Life Grand – Widespread

Down the Road I Go – Travis Tritt

Wave on Wave – Pat Green

Hey Ya! – Outkast

One Day – Matisyahu

Fix You – Cold Play (tears)

Shake it Off – Mariah Carey

Ants Marching – DMB

Chicago – Sufjan Stevens

Rocky Racoon – Beatles


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