December 13, 2017

Black Ops, Round 1: Nolan Richardson

Do you want to Q a Black Ops workout? Stay tuned for more info. 

AO: Black Ops (Audubon Park Baptist Church)

QIC: Soybean

PAX: Phat Pat, Granola, Toms, Lazarus, BAM! (FNG), Moana (FNG) (7 total, 2 FNGs)

Conditions: A pleasant 48 degrees

PAX were welcomed. Disclaimer was disclaimed.

SSH x20
Windmills x10
Chinooks x10 fwd and back
Rocky Balboas x30 (alternating toe touches on curb)

The Thang: 

Nolan Richardson led the Arkansas Razorbacks to the 1994 NCAA title, beating Duke 76-72. Richardson’s team was known for it’s relentless defense, which was coined “40 minutes of hell.” In honor of that team, YHC led our late night bootcamp in our own 40 minutes of hell.

PAX partnered up (Phat Pat was a gracious third wheel on account of his bum ankle).

Partner 1 started exercises, while Partner 2 backpedaled up the inclined parking lot, did a Bobby Hurley, and jogged back to start. Flapjack until exercises completed.

150 burpees; 300 squats; 150 big boy sit-ups; 150 merkins; couples that finished early started on LBCs

Short mosey to the curb to do 20 dips, 10 calf raises, and 10 derkins. Rinse and repeat.

Wall sit while each PAX did a 10 count (~1 minute)
Pickle pounders IC x20
Hello dollies IC x20
Boxcutters IC x15
Iron Cross – 10 count x6 (~1 minute)
Catalina wine mixer IC x15? (Granola)


COT / BOM: Leaders influence others to improve by being disruptive. We’re always leading people in some way, whether it’s leading them to get worse, stay the same, or get better. How are you being disruptive and influencing others at home? At work? At church? Great leaders leave a legacy. What’s yours?

Prayers for Bruce’s M, Soybean’s foster child’s upcoming court date, and Phat Pat’s dad.

Moleskin: All PAX were a little off posting at night. Dinner wasn’t too far in the past, and YHC for one felt his own trying to break free during the iron cross. Thankful for the PAX who showed up and pushed me.