February 18, 2018

Black Ops – Big River Mosey

THE SCENE: 59°F, 49% Humidity, Wind Speed 10.4mph SSE

Picked a playlist…
Mosey from the parking lot across the Big River Crossing (1.0mi)
“Don’t play your music so loud, those Sad Clowns might think you’re an @$$hole.”
20x Merkins

Mosey down the ramp to the WC’s (.25mi)
“I drank too much water. I need to pee.”
10x Single Leg Step-Ups on the Man-sized CMUs, 10x Flapjack

Mosey under the bridges back to the River (.65mi)
20x Toilet Squats M-CMUs
“My block is too tall, I can’t get low enough.”
10x Front Squat w/ Over-head Press, River Coupon (Rock)

Mosey back to Dacus Lake Rd (.42mi)
10x SSH IC
20x Inclined Merkins
Mosey to the bridge pillars (.12)
5x Up-n-Overs (~6ft wall)
“We can’t do them EVERY time, Hitch.”

Mosey up to the half domes (.38mi)
15x Plank, feet on dome, walk down to left, up, down to right, up
10x Plank, hands on dome, walk down to left, Merkin, up, down to right, Merkin, up
15x PAX 1 – BBS sitting on dome, PAX 2 Planking on ground with feet on PAX 1’s feet for counterweight
“We better get out of the way of these cyclists. They look like they mean business.”

Mosey back across the bridge to the car (1mi)
“Wow that downhill was nice, but now it’s uphill and it sucks.”

3.82mi total

Mary-d before we returned from Arkansas.
4, Tater, Four Eyes, FNG (Burro), Hitch
Talked about community and being intentional with where you are and who you are around. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. Good thing God gives us grace with our limitations.
Tom Lee Park connects to the Big River Crossing via Martyr’s Park
::brooding foreshadow of a ruck-sim::