November 20, 2017

Black Friday Coupon for an Indian Lunge Walk

AO:  The Levee

QIC:  Escobar

PAX:  Captain Obvious, Woody, Billy Blanks, Slots, Meter Maid, Rabbit, Escobar

Conditions:  27F, Clearly Cold


Imperial Walkers IC X 20
Big Arm Circles X 20
Plank Shoulder Taps IC X 15

The Thang:
PAX in line lunge walking
Front of line has Coupon and does 2 lunges and passes the Coupon behind to next.  When Coupon reaches the last man, last man runs Coupon to front of line.  (coupon = Cinder Block)

Mosey to Baseball Complex area
2 Sets of the following
20 Box jumps on concrete planter
20 Lunges
20 Squats
2 –  0.5 laps around Concrete planter – Raccoon Crawl
Incline Merkins on Concrete Planter IC X 15

1 Set
Merkin – Arm Raise – IC X 15
Dips X 20 OYO
Mosey Back to skate park with Coupon over head for 20 seconds and pass to next PAX

Bear Crawl left – Bear crawl right – Plank hold till all in

Flutter Kicks IC X 15
Hello Dolly IC X 15
Carolina Dry Docks IC X 15
Leg Raises IC X 15
Bridges IC X 15



COT: Encourage all PAX to take time to be in the word alone with God.  The holidays bring a lot of stress and pray and time alone with God can prevent stress.  Be nice to that crazy relative.  Make an effort and if they are in town EH them.

Looking forward to VQ by slots on Wednesday.