November 20, 2018

Birthday Beatdown – U-Rock

THE SCENE: 45 degrees and drizzling. Very gloomy.
SSH – 25 IC
    • Thang 1
      • Mosey to the baseball field outfield – have 4 corners set up with a deck of cards at each corner. Each corner is devoted to a suit. Split into four groups and the group pulls a card, runs to the corner associated with the suit on the card and does the exercise.
    • Reps are as follows:
      • Numbers are numbers, Face’s are 15, Aces are 25 OYO
    • Exercises:
      • Hearts = burpees
      • Diamonds = Merkins
      • Spades=Squats
      • Clubs= BBS
  • Thang 2
    • 11’s on Larry’s hill
      • Monkey Humpers on the bottom
      • Burpees at the top
Captain Thor to 10.
1 BBS : 4 American Hammers
2 BBS : 8 American Hammers
10 BBS : 40 American Hammers
17 PAX (1040, Capri Sun, Cheesesteak, Meter Maid, Halpert, Billy Blanks, Dial-Up, Woody, Wide Right, U-Turn (FNG), Moneybags, Nature Boy, Pops, Barney, Scalpel (FNG), U-Rock (QIC))
Told the story of Joshua and the Israelites taking over Jericho. When they relied on The Lord and put Him in front, they were victorious.
After the victory Achan and the Israelites forgot how The Lord provided for them. Achan took some silver from Jericho and hid it in his tent and the Israelites didn’t think they needed the Lord to take on the small army in the city of Ai. Ultimately the Israelites lose to the army in Ai and A han was confronted by Joshua about his son against the Lord.
Encouraged the Pax to not think they do not need the Lord even if the task seems small and manageable. Trust the Lord and his faithfulness. Don’t be like Achan and think you need to hang on to some of what the world has to offer just in case the Lord does not provide. It will not end good.
Was a great way to start my birthday. Great coffee at the creamery and great long conversation with Nature Boy since we didn’t have to go to work.
Colombia Neckties at Blazing Saddle on Thanksgiving