September 20, 2017

Birthday Bash Lunge Smokefest at The Old Forest

AO:The Old Forest

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Shoestring, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Slick Billy, Phat Pat, Crayfish, Bookworm, Heavy Weight, Oz, Cargo, Baja, Radio and O Positive; FNG=Bison

CONDITIONS: 75 degrees and sticky



•Seal Jacks x20 IC
•Arm Circles (Wide) x20 IC (Forward)
•Arm Circles (Wide) x20 IC (Reverse)
•Merkins x10 IC
•Imperial Walkers x20 IC

As YHC was prepared to teach the class about hoop dreams he inquired if any of the PAX were celebrating a September Birthday by chance. And Bookworm was, in fact, eager to raise his hand high to get YHC’s attention in the gloom. To honor him YHC invited him into the inner circle and presented him with the gift that keeps on giving: Bookworm at 27 years of age got to select an exercise of his choosing and ‘q’ the PAX for SSH, in cadence, for 27 reps. He did awesome and his PAX applauded his courage. Well done, Bookworm.

Quickly taking the reins back, YHC brought the PAX attention to a notable ‘9/20’ birthday from the annals of basketball history…none other than Red Auerbach of Celtics lore. Born on 9/20/17, Red, was honored by the PAX by completing 17 Bobby Hurleys for 1917, the year Red was born. Well…the rest is history. Cigars and all.

*mosey to starting point: Indian Run Lunges for 100 yards +/-

*Rinse and repeat.

*Lather, rinse and repeat.

Feeding off the mumblechatter, YHC extended the Birthday Bash and honored the Canadian Hockey legend, Guy Lafleur. Born 9/20/1951…playing Right Wing for Montreal and NY, spanning 17 seasons. Lafleur became the 1st NHL player to score 50 goals, 100 points for 6 straight seasons; winning 5 Stanley Cups. The party looked a little something like this.

As a group-
•Apollo Onos x50 IC
•SSH x100 IC; halted at x50 IC as legs were jello for all involved at this point
•Sprints x6 OYO for 40 yards/ea
•Burpees x 5 IC

*s-l-o-w mosey

•Hello Dolly x20 IC
•Box Cutter x20 IC
•Box Cutter rinse and repeat x20 IC
•1 Arm Plank Reach x20 IC (right arm)
•1 Arm Plank Reach x20 IC (left arm)



>Picking up where he left on after his VQ last week, YHC spoke with the PAX about the impact of a boy selflessly offering up his lunch pail to a man named Andrew who gave that very same lunch to a man named Jesus Christ, referencing the ‘5 loaves and 2 fish’ miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. Sacrificing one’s possessions for the good of community. YHC brought to light the impact we all have with the baskets we have been given with abundance…but YHC challenged the PAX to consider what gifts have they been given to bless others in their communities with. “What’s in your basket?”

*14 men (1 FNG) endured a Smokefest and got better. Together.