January 26, 2021

Big Hill Slip and Slide

Very foggy, high humidity and muddy from yesterday’s heavy rain. Perfect gloom conditions.

Ryan Howard and Steinbrenner were finishing a nice 3 mile pre-run when I arrived.




Side straddle hops IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Arm Work x 10 Front and back circles, overhead claps, seal claps

Indian Run to road, 15 burpees, then back to start.



11’s – start with 1 Merkin at the top of the hill, Crab Walk down, 10 Bonnie Blairs then Bear Crawl back up. Alternate number to end with 1 Merkin at the top and 10 BBs at the bottom.

Hold plank to all in


Stair work – Run to the top of stairs, 10 Burpees, then back down to bottom – 1x due to time


Ladder Ball

Break into 2 groups. Person from each group throws a single ball for total of 3 balls/ 3 people

Winner (highest points) group does 10 mountain climbers (2 is 1)

Looser (lowest points) group does 10 burpees

If groups miss ladder with all three throws, then both teams do 15 spiderman merkins


Big boy Sit-ups IC x20

Freddy Mercurys IC x 20

LBCs IC x 20

Flutter kicks IC x20

Hold plank till 6:15


7 Pax: Paper Trail, Finkle, Rocket Launcher, Ryan Howard, Toby, Steinbrenner, Carver


In the context of our children: Rules – Relationships = Rebellion…and relationships with each of our children take time. I once asked a man I respect greatly (and who has great relationships with each of his grown sons) what was one of things that he would attribute to his strong relationships. His answer was that he committed to investing 1:1 regularly scheduled time with his children all through their childhood. The time was spent doing something each kid wanted to do in order to create an atmosphere for connection. Family activities certainly have their place, but having a designated and regular 1:1 time with each child that promotes conversation and connection will pay dividends in the long run. This bit of wisdom has benefited me, and I hope it benefits you.

Crab Walking down the hill soon turned to crab-sliding down the hill – it was muddy. Still proves that men are large boys and getting dirty never gets old. I think Steinbrenner enjoyed it the most.

Ladder Ball was a fun way to end ahead of Mary. The last round of competition did come down to “sudden death” in which both men missed the target completely (names remain anonymous).

During the Indian Run, Paper Trail had an issue with his shoe and the group held up a moment. Great reminder to ensure no men are left behind and the Six is always covered.

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