January 7, 2021

Big 10s and OPI

Parked by the soccer fields and set up the cones (Big 10s) while waiting for the PAX to arrive. close to 40 degrees with a little wind. Checked my phone and its 25 degrees back in Chicago with winds of 10-15mph


Let everyone know that this would be a midwest themed workout and that I was by no means a professional and none of us are paying or being paid to be here. The workout has modifications built in so modify as needed.


I emphasized the importance of taking your time and focusing on stretching during warmorama and that you can’t just head into fast twitch movements with a cold body.

Since High Note was here we started with his favorite

20x SSH IC

10x Daisy Pickers (IC – slow count to really stretch it out)

10x Good Mornings (IC – slow count again to stretch out the glutes and hammies)

10x Crucifix (IC – slow count to stretch out the chest and shoulders)

We did a mosey around the playground parking lot down to the loop by the forest trails and back. This was labeled as “lake shore drive” – meaning the distance from point a to b is short (miles wise) but there’d be a couple of stops along the way for  dynamic stretches (traffic)

First stop – lunge and twist for about 25 yards. second stop after a short mosey again was a single high knee with a rotation of the leg to the side (while keeping upper body straight). I decided against going around the loop and turned back to start X. High Note had a short burst of enthusiasm at this change

Grabbed CMUs and spread out across the goal line. Ahead of us were sets of cones – 1 cone at 10 yard, 2nd cone at 20 yard mark, 3rd cone at 30 yards, 4th cone at 40 yards. I explained that this was a workout of Big 10s and the cones represented 10 yard intervals and because we can all likely agree the big 10 sucks – we’re going to beat this down. short break for bluetooth issues and then a midwest inspired playlist began.

  1. 10 yards backwards crab walk to first cone and back. 10 dips with leg extended at goal line once all in.
  2. 20 yards Murder bunnies down and back. 20 monkey humpers at goal line once all in
  3. 30 yards walking CMU shoulder press. 30 Caroline dry docks at goal line once all in
  4. 40 yards just about a sprint pace down to 40 yards and then back pedal back. 40 CMU Squats once all in
  5. 30 yards Bear Crawls down and back. 30 CMU Kettle ball swings once all in
  6. 20 yards Broad Jumps down and back. 20 Bonnie Blairs (1 is 1) once all in
  7. 10 yards Spider man push ups down and back. 10 second hold of a CMU straight out in front of you – keeping arms straight
  8. Recover and stretch arms for 30 seconds
  9. Full big 10 – a suicide sprint 10 yards + back, 20 yards and back, 30 yards and back, finish through the 40 yard marker and walk back to goal line with hands above head.

Grab CMU and formed a circle. Asked PAX that even when we recover to not drop or let go of CMU.

IC 20 total bicep curls (20 second recover) IC 20 total bicep curls (20 second recover) and then 10 IC bicep negatives (hold at chest and slowly drop in cadence)

With about 5 minutes – I called out for OPI (opportunity for personal improvement). Harry Potter led us to his favorite spot – the curl bar by the playground.

Our goal was 100+ as a team. If you can do pull ups, do pull ups. If you can’t – hold yourself up and slowly let your self down. At least try to get one. PAX were encouraged to “encourage” fellow PAXers as they completed pullups and if they were showing signs of struggling, to encourage them to finish strong and get one more.

While one was doing pull ups the rest of the group did flutter kicks, heel touches, planks, american hammers, and a few other sit up variations. We were able to get through all of us before time


I shared that for me, there were a lot of embarrassing moments that I witnessed on TV during the last year. A lot – and it didn’t matter which side of the political party – both sides are guilty of that. Yesterday honestly was jacked up and really embarrassing. We can do better as people and be better examples to others and treat people with respect. Not a political statement – just be a good person!

Secondly – I had a coach get on us at practice one day saying we were all walking around with “E”s on our helmet which stood for expendable and that you should be having the mindset and work ethic to become not expendable. This simple saying carries on with me today – whether its at work for how I perform my work or how I help my clients or help mentor my team. I want to carry myself in a way that I can’t be replaced. This applies to you as a husband, as a father, as a friend too. Don’t just be complacent

Harry Potter did the workout with a weight vest on and can do pull ups like a mad man

Band Camp is just getting back into working out and did an awesome job

Kitty pushed himself during the running portions

Slater almost face splashed during the broad jumps

Everyone did a great job completing the workout

Bauer and prayers for Red Light’s Son, Dial-ups Wife, and Slaters Friend with pneumonia

Turkey Leg
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