February 12, 2018

Bicep Beatdown at Old Forest

THE SCENE: Overcast and 29 degrees, ground was dry, air was humid.


  • Welcome: I am not a professional
  • You are participating at your own risk
  • You are responsible for your own wellbeing
  • You are here voluntarily, I am not being paid, and you are not paying to be here
  • Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


  • Windmill (in cadence) – 15
  • Imperial Walkers (in cadence) – 15
  • Hillbillies (in cadence) – 15
  • Side staddle hop (in cadence) – 20
  • Mummy kicks (in cadence) – 15
  • Baby arm circles + running in place (in cadence) – 10 forward & 10 backward
  • High knees (in cadence) – 15
  • Legs spread, grab right ankle, then left ankle
  • Feet in line – RIGHT foot forward
    • Grab right ankle
    • Hip flexor
    • Hands on floor + right hand in air, then left
  • Fee in line – LEFT foot forward
    • Grab left ankle
    • Hip flexor
    • Hands on floor + right hand in air, then left


Count off to divide into 2 big groups.
GROUP 1 – playground
  • Pull ups – 10 (or AMRAP)
  • Partner plank curls – 15 each partner (one partner gets in plank position, the other grabs planked partner’s ankle and does bicep curls)
  • Squats (in cadence) – 10
  • Shoulder press with coupon (start with coupon on your chest) – 15
  • 45’s (Coupon curls) (or modify to 21’s)
  • Coupon shoulder shrugs – 15
  • Run lap (trail around playground) carrying coupon
GROUP 2 – parking lot
  • Sprint one side of big island in parking lot
  • Plank Jacks (in cadence) – 10
  • Lunge walk other side of island
  • Burpees – 10
  • Rinse and repeat with one less rep each time on burpees and plank jacks. (9, 8, 7, etc.)
When Group 1 finishes, swap places
We were running tight on time so for the second round each group eliminated squats, shoulder shrugs, and the coupon lap around the trail from the playground portion of the workout.  Each group got two turns on each circuit in time to get in about 2 minutes of Mary.


  • Flutter Kicks (in cadence) – 15
  • American Hammer (in cadence) – 15

Teacher’s Pet, Browns, Snookie, Shoestring, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Four Eyes, Dewy, Elmwood, Blart, Crayfish, Pirtle, Gus, Handsy (QIC)


John 13 – Jesus washes his disciples’ feet. Through this we learn 5 characteristics of being a Christ-like servant (which is important for anyone wanting to be a HIM). Christ-like service involves:

  • Doing Tasks that are BENEATH you (Son of God washing peoples’ feet)
  • Meeting REAL NEEDS (The disciples’ feet were funky…wasn’t merely symbolic)
  • Serving in a way that is UNEXPECTED (No one expected the Messiah to be a servant)
  • Serving in a way that is UNDESERVED (The disciples did not deserve the kindness Jesus showed them in washing their feet)
  • Doing things that are COSTLY (Jesus used the garment around his waist to wash their feet…it would be forever stained.

Ultimately, if we are going to serve like that, we have to know that Jesus did all that for us. Why does Jesus put such a big emphasis on serving (see Mark 10:45 among others)? Because it points us back to the gospel.

Where is the greatest example of an act of service that was BENEATH someone? – The Cross

Where is the greatest example of an act of service that met a REAL NEED? – The Cross

Where is the greatest example of an act of service that was UNEXPECTED? – The Cross

Where is the greatest example of an act of service that was UNDESERVED? – The Cross

Where is the greatest example of an act of service that was COSTLY? – The Cross

So – reflect on how Jesus has served you through his death on the cross so that you can be empowered to go out and serve others in a way that points back to Him.

And – if it helps you remember it: “CUURB your own agenda so you can serve others”

Real Need
Beneath You

The coupons at OF are heavier than the ones at the Berm.
I liked doing more bicep exercises and in general at F3 we could use more back / bicep exercises.
All that was planned was almost too much. Probably could have put in a little more recovery time / exercises in between some of the heavy lifting.
I think the partner plank curls worked out ok! I’d be curious to hear from other PAX as to the effectiveness of this exercise.

2nd F opportunity for OF-ers (or any F3 PAX!) this Thursday, Feb. 15th at Payne’s BBQ (1762 Lamar) at 12:00pm (come and go as you can).