January 4, 2019

Berm Workout January 3

THE SCENE: Wet and high 40s.

Arm circles, 15 Hillbillies, Abe Vigoda

Paired up for a modified DORA. Partner ran 50 yards and back while other did:

50 Burpees

100 Merkins

150 LBCs

200 Shoulder Taps (1=1)

250 Squats

200 Dips

150 Hand Release Push Ups

Flutter Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Box Cutters, Box Cutters Reverse,

5 Pax (Gus, Steinbrenner, Yardsale, Little John, Lipton)
The word “Hallelujah” is one of the most religious words, but is only found in the Bible four times. And all four of those occurrences are in Revelation 19. While we might expect them in a different context, the Hallelujahs are in response to God’s ultimate defeat of evil and injustice. In this case, it is the defeat of the Great Prostitute. This shows that Hallelujah (Praise God) is not simply a word to use in times of personal success (like winning something or feeling blessed) but also in terms of seeing moments when God claims a victory over an evil in the world. This can be a bit harsh for our ears, but it is true: in Revelation, Jesus comes not as a baby or a martyr, but as a warrior. He is serious about cleansing the world of wrong. Whenever we see that happening, it is a good time to say Hallelujah.