August 22, 2018

Berm Stack 21’s (attempted)

THE SCENE: The predawn dew glistened on the rarely cut grass of Sea Isle park.  A cool breezy 71 degrees beckoned us to test our wicking material and Brooks clad metal.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimed with a daily dose of F3 core principles and mission statement.

21’s for the 21st of August; SSH IC x 5 followed by 16 silent count.  PAX failed to stop in unison.  Penalty consisted of a Balls to the Wall exercise, shuffle left, shuffle right, held vertical for 1 minute.

Grabbed ‘Old Glory’ and lined up at the top of the berm.  “First American”* run along paved track for over 1/4 of a mile transferring the shovel flag to keep it up front taking care not to disgrace it with low hanging limbs and the ground.

Halted the “Indigenous”* Run at the backside of the #notasport field.  Planted flag 25 yds out.  The start line at the goal, 25 yd line, and the painted 50 yd line gave us a tiered arena to perform stacked rounds consisting of three exercises.

Round 1; 1 Burpee, 1 Big Boy Sit-up, 1 Squat . . . . sprint back to start and performed flutter kicks till all in.

Round 2; Rinse and repeat; 2 sets each of the above exercises with reps of 1, and 2.

Round 3 – 6; of the above.  Totals of 56 Burpees, 56 Big Boy Sit-ups, and 56 Squats.  #exponentialmath

Rounds 7-10; consisted of Merkens, American Hammers, and Lunges.  A total of 164 Merkens, 164 American Hammers, 164 Lunges. #exponentialmath

Mary was covered in tha-thang which took us to 0615.

17 PAX (0 FNGs), 2 Willy Lohman’s (Houston, Chattanooga)

Relentless.  To be relentless isn’t or should not be a goal because we are born relentless.  We are relentless in our pursuit of self gratification.  The Q explained that we are relentless beings when it comes to desiring to please the self.

A lot of us try really hard to suppress of deny the pursuit of self pleasure, often ending in frustration and despair.  As a Christ follower I screw this up all the time.  I focus more on stopping my addiction for self instead of focusing on Jesus.  As one of my pastors would always say; “we are all addicted to self but we must replace an unhealthy addiction with a healthy one.  Become addicted to God’s Word and a relationship with Him.”

As we evolve, shifting our focus from ‘me’ to Him a relentless pursuit of self pleasure is replaced with a relentless pursuit of Him.  Sure we screw up but I find that I screw up less when I’m focused on Him.  This “sanctification” process is a journey, not an event and it is long sometimes frustrating but God’s timing is perfect.  Its been a real pleasure reading your #WasNow stories.  Your journey is my journey also.

Be relentless in prayer, be relentless in the Word, Father shift our focus from ourselves to you and continue to change this heart of stone to one of flesh.  Cause these cold eyes to see and these deaf ears to hear.  Aye

* PC nod for @Gus

Next SIM is this Saturday 3 a.m. the Mothership.