October 24, 2020


THE SCENE: Cool and quiet.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Forgot actually. Choker and OJ know the drill though.


  • 15x SSH IC
  • 10x Squat Bender

First official F3 Memphis Fitness Test

  • 1:00 Max Burpees
  • Triple Broad Jump for distance
  • 2:00 Max T-Merkins
  • Sprint-Hop-Carry
    • Sprint to the 25m mark and back.
    • Grab a CMU and perform murder bunnies to the 25m mark and back. Murder Bunny: Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart with block longways between them. Bend over and grab the block, lift it a few inches off the ground and move it forward until you can’t reach. Then, put the block down, transition your weight to the block (thru your hands) and hop your feet back to where they are on either side of the block.
    • Lateral dash to the 25m mark and back. Throughout the movement the feet may shuffle but cannot touch or cross over one another. The body moves sideways to the line.
    • Grab 2 CMUs and run to the 25m mark. Step on or over the line with one foot and return to the starting line.
    • Sprint to the 25m mark and back.
  • Max Leg Tucks
  • 2 Mile Run

MARY: None

3: Choker, Hobo (clipboard Q), OJ

Leadership is not about you, it is about others. It has been a common theme that has been reiterated to me multiple times in the last couple weeks and I think it is finally starting to click.

It was my first time as clipboard Q and I rather liked it. Certainly less physically demanding. I made the executive decision to reduce the burpees from 2:00 to 1:00 since I performed the test yesterday and 2:00 of burpees is way too much, especially right before pushups.

More fitness test options will be available this week.

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