August 22, 2018

Being ultimate in the dark

THE SCENE: 65 and pitch black

15 x ssh 10 x daisy pickers 10 x big arm circles

We took a light mosey to the field until we got to the back end zone line and did suicides up to 30 yards with merkins in the mix. Then we counted off and teams were split. The rules of the game were everytime the frisbee hit the ground everyone had to do two burpees. The victors would hold plank while the losers moseyed back in whatever fashion the victors determined. To get things started we started with 10 on your own burpees.  It was a very lopsided game at first until the other team finally  realized they had one more player and began using it to their advantage. Gilligan was probably the mvp for the winners. He could launch that frisbee from Bartlett to Cordova while Carport and Mr. wonderful were driving by. Yhc was proud of the participation from all the pax.

Yhc had choker lead us by doing merkins and plank jacks to the song Roxanne
13 pax Wall Builder, Woodpecker, Orange Julius, Duct Tape, Gilligan, Casio, Bath House, Thundercat,Carport, Mr. Wonderful, Commie, Choker, Flobee
Clutter- Just talked about and gave an example of my life and how things at home and in life can become Cluttered. Just noticing around my house how we live pretty clean but if u get behind at all things can quickly overtake your home and yu feel like there is just to much to do u get overwhelmed. Same thing happens in life when ur house seems to be cluttered your probally living life the same way. My M and I had a discussion about takig it one drawer or room at a time until we get rid of all the unused things around the house. just like hitting the refresh button on your phone or tablet sometimes we need to take a step back in life and do the same.
prayer request for Carports family and Flobees dads eye.
we didnt have any but check out growruck if your interested