October 9, 2017

Because God Loves F3

Date: 10/09/2017

AO: The Levee

QIC: Gus

PAX: Meter Maid, Soybean, O Positive, Raven, Slots, Anklet, Gus | Visitor: Bubbles from F3/Raleigh

Conditions: Terribly humid 68F


DISCLAIMER delivered with enthusiasm

The PAX got warm by moseying through the dark dark woods.

The Thang

The American Army asks a question that has only one answer. The question is, simply, “Why is the sky blue?” The answer, which follows as naturally as night follows day but would not occur to the uninitiated, is, simply, “BECAUSE GOD LOVES THE INFANTRY!” You don’t have to understand this, but YHC was reminded of that unassailable bit of logic as he counted the light poles between the end of the path and the parking lot used by the PAX.

The question: Why are there 11 light poles? The answer: BECAUSE GOD LOVES F3!

Burpee x 1 at first light pole
Burpee x 2 at second light pole
Burpee x 3 at third light pole
. . .
Burpee x 11 at eleventh light pole

Rinse & Repeat with Squats

Rinse & Repeat with BBSU

Rinse & Repeat with Merkins

* mosey back through the dark dark woods to concession stand at ball fields *

All PAX commence a wall sit against the concession stand. While 1 PAX lunges around building, PAX stay motivated with some Mumble Chatter. Continue until all PAX lunge around building.
[YHC has not thought of a name for this exercise and is welcome to suggestions.]

Flutterkicks IC x 20
Hello Dolly! IC x 20
Hollywood Side Crunch IC x 10 (each side)

10 Burpee penalty for missing Shovel Flag

8 PAX, including 1 visitor


COT / BOM: Be famous in your own household.

MOLESKIN: The PAX punched Monday in the mouth, and YHC had the opportunity to feel the #GtownFunk with several men he had never met.