October 16, 2019

Beast Week Medley Beatdown

THE SCENE: Cool, windy, but still shorts weather. Flags needed to be planted especially deep today. We needed a good mix for this morning’s workout. 

PAX were given instruction that when an exercise was called, their implied task was to move the starting position immediately after that exercise was called. The preparatory command “Starting position” and command of execution “Move” would not be called. This would be maintained throughout the workout in order to be able to switch between exercises rapidly. 

Done to the beat of Turn Down for What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. 

  • Merkins ICx30 (I had planned for 20, but I think we did 30 – could be wrong)
  • Squat ICx30
  • Pickle Pounders ICx30

Done to the beat of Remember the Name by Fort Minor

  • SSH fast ICx50
  • Mountain Climbers ICx20
  • Pickle Pounders ICx20
  • Monkey Humpers ICx20
  • Carolina Dry Docks iCx10
  • Burpees OYOx20

Mosey to baseball field


STARGAZER SHOWDOWN (similar to Drill Instructor in the Lexicon), but this was a competition. 

PAX were in a circle around YHC and would move to the starting position of the SSH, Merkin, Stargazer, and Squat at the Q’s instruction. Whenever YHC called Squat, the last individual to assume the starting position of a squat (which is just standing), would take 3 steps to the rear and would be eliminated, but would continue performing the exercises. PAX moved rapid succession from those 4 positions until there were only 2 remaining. After much flailing around on the ground and moving from said starting positions, Halpert was able to pull out the big W for this round of Stargazer Showdown.

Mosey to parking lot

  • SSH ICx30
  • Mountain Climbers ICx20
  • One Armed Pickle Pounders ICx20
  • Monkey Humpers ICx10
  • Carolina Dry Docks ICx10

Mosey to baseball field

PAX performed a Sidewinder approximately 15 yards, Bear Crawled 15 yards, Sidewinder again 15 yards, and then short mosey. A sidewinder is when PAX are on their backs, knees at a 45 degree angle, feet interlocked, hands on chest, and PAX must move by moving on their backs while using their core to lift butt and chest off the ground. Something like this >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdBdFcaS1FY

But we looked better doing. 

Songs during this section included:

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore, High Hopes – Panic at the Disco, Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses, Midnight Train to Memphis – Chris Stapleton, America – Santana, Hi Voltage – Linkin Park

PAX then moseyed around the speaker during the song Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. When the phrase “Another one bites the dust” was sung, all PAX would do a burpee and then would resume moseying until the phrase was repeated or until the song was over.

Mosey to parking lot.


Bring Sally Up – Partner Situps 

Flower – Moby (duh)

Closed out to the tune of Iron Man by Black Sabbath and performed:

  • American Hammer ICx20
  • Pickle Pounder ICx20
  • LBCs ICx20
  • Flutter Kicks ICx20
  • American Hammer ICx10
  • Pickle Pounder ICx10
  • LBCs ICx10
  • Flutter Kicks until EndEx ICx30


16 PAX – 0 FNG. Rocket Launcher, Billy Blanks, Escargot (couldn’t tag you), Tremor, Finkle, Boudreaux, Lazy Boy (couldn’t tag), Snowman, Dotson (Couldn’t tag), Slic Nut, Rabbit, Roots, Gas Mask, Moneybags, Halpert, Grimace (Q)

Men are meant to do hard things. This workout was designed to not give PAX a break. We moved rapidly between exercises and the only downtime was when YHC was verifying the next exercise or movement on his phone. We pushed for a solid 45 minutes at a high intensity, and everyone should have hit muscle failure at some point (or been darn close).

This workout should not be the hardest thing you do today. You should put the same or more effort into your relationships, your work, your family, etc. Be intentional about how you’re spending your time. If you don’t plan for “it”, “it” won’t happen, whatever “it” is. Push yourself outside of F3. Know when to take breaks, but when you’re not, work hard at whatever it is that you’re doing.

Several PAX and their Ms are having 2.0s soon. Prayers for the little ones on the way and those Ms giving birth. Prayers for those traveling this week.
Slots’ last Q on Friday at the Levee. Do it.