June 18, 2019

Bear Crawl 11s at the Saddle

Pleasant. Damp ground. Thick, damp air. 

Expertly given.

SSH x25; Daisy Pickers x10; Imperial Walkers x15; Tempo Squat (Barracks style) x10; hold the last squat; Smurf Jacks x10

MOSEY! The PAX hit the long road and made their way to the stables. Pair up. PAX did 25 pull-ups each, with partner assist if necessary. 

MOSEY! We made our way to the bench cluster near the playground, where stay-at-home moms and nannies check Facebook on their phones while their kids do who-knows-what 40 yards away. 

3 sets of:
Bulgarian split squats x8 (each leg)
Derkins x10

MOSEY! We meandered around to the tennis courts and lined up on the doubles sideline. 

Starting on the sideline, perform 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Bear crawl to the far sideline and perform one jump squat. Crawl bear back to start, 9 dry docks, bear crawl, 2 jump squats, crawl bear, etc. 

PAX who finished early were rewarded by reversing the ladder while waiting for the others to finish.

Our 11s were interrupted right at 0600 when we heard a train approaching. We were all awarded a 10 burpee prize.

MOSEY! We started to make our way out of the tennis courts – JUST KIDDING! Back to the sideline!

Suicides: Near sideline to far sideline on Court 1, then near sideline on Court 1 to near sideline on Court 2, then near sideline on Court 1 to far sideline on Court 2. Two rounds.

MOSEY! Back to the flag for some Mary. 

Shoulder taps x15
Annie x8 each arm
V-ups x15
Box cutter x15
Reverse box cutter x20 (Billy Blanks)
American hammer x15 (Flipper)

9 PAX: Proton (Knoxville), Slicnut, Webelo, Flipper, U-Rock, Billy Blanks, Watchita, Jimmy Neutron (FNG), Soybean (QIC)

YHC encouraged the PAX to recruit a Shield Lock group to lean on for accountability. I’ve been meeting for a few months now with a group of guys I see regularly throughout the week. We ruck at 5:30 AM once every two weeks. Having other men who will ask difficult questions and challenge you is critically important to you becoming the kind of man you want to be. Read the Q Source article linked below and get a group going.


Great group this morning – the mumblechatter is always strong when Billy Blanks is around. Welcome Jimmy Neutron, who is a nuclear physicist at St. Jude.