December 12, 2017

Bear-burps are rough!

AO: The Berm

QIC: Lazarus

PAX: Import, Cataract, Lipton, Shoestring, Snookie, Bruce, Hitch, Gus, Rabbit, Soybean, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Shy Guy


Warm-a-Rama:  The Thang: Mary: 

Line up and do 1 burpee then bear crawl 25 yards. 2 burpees and bear crawl back. Ascend to 15 burpees. Little SLOW mosey around building and descend back to 1 burpee. Bear crawl back and bust out 15 burpees with a little SLOW mosey around building to cool down.



BOM: YHC had PAX remember one word before the beatdown…… simplicity. 2 of the simplest yet most effective full body exercises (burpee and bear crawl) wore us out for 45 minutes. In a world where quality is sacrificed for quantity, and man’s pride to be like God in trying to juggle too many things at once….. we fail. YHC reminded PAX of Solomon and Ecclesiastes. To simplify one’s life, to let go of the vain and worthless things, and focus on the few that matter!

“A busy man is not a productive man, and a productive man is not a busy man.” Which one are you?

COT: Prayers for Shoestring’s ministry trials and tribulations.  Import and his M’s sickness recovery, and for all the PAX to begin to focus and strive to master the simple yet most effective things in life!