January 18, 2021

Bauer 0300

0300 – For some reason, we had 11 dudes. Which means 6 of us that were still pushing strong for 24 hours and 5 other guys that decided it would be “fun” to post at this awful hour.

I had initially thought of recreating a workout I Q’d at Armory previously, but Lochte pronounced major judgment if sandbags were called for. As the night went on, I considered and thought a ruck would be good. An hour or so before my Q, I suggested a ruck to Upgrade, and I guess Hobo heard. After the 0200 boot camp, Hobo said we could scrounge up enough rucks to accomplish this. So… let’s do it.


Done. Done well? Not sure.

Rucks off (there was some grumbling here because some didn’t want to take theirs off)

SSH IC (Rucks came flying off when announced)

Daisy Pickers IC (SLOW – cause some of Q’s earlier tried to warp speed these suckers and that doesn’t work well)

Imperial Walkers IC

Hill Billies IC

Stretch for a few

Ruck Up. While rucking, find someone to chat with and discuss your 3 Fs. Are you accelerating? Decelerating? There’s always room for improvement. Be vulnerable.

Ruck down to end of street past stables. Grab 2 sandbags (one each hand). Farmer carry around rectangle of sand area. At each corner, perform 14 curls and 14 OH Presses (one sandbag). Drop off sandbags.

Ruck up to Poplar Pike. Go to Fountain next to COVID testing area. 20 step ups per leg and 10 dips with ruck.

Ruck back to Flags.

I can’t really remember what we did here for Mary. There was so much Mary up to that point… Maybe flutter kicks?

11 PAX: Squeegee, Spirit Stick, Ricky Bobby, Lochte, Upgrade, Hello Kitty, Dawson, Paper Cut, Ratio, Hobo, Slater (QIC)

Reading The ONE Thing for Equinox. I struggle with focus and getting tasks accomplished. Narrow down your list to the most important thing. Don’t multitask. FOCUS.

Moment of silence to pray or meditate on your own.

When Bauer was first announced, I thought it was such a great idea. Give PAX a chance to challenge themselves. At first, my custody schedule with my kids meant that I would not be able to attend any of the workouts. But, lo and behold, that changed. I ended up not having the kids over the weekend due to some needs my ex had for a schedule change. I was glad, but then nervous cause I had NO EXCUSES. Well, there was a basketball game Saturday morning… but that changed too and my daughter didn’t end up playing due to a sickness. What was I going to do? The air was electric when I showed up and no one knew I was considering going for the Full Bauer. Could I do it? I am not that strong. I have to modify merkins when the rep counts get too high. I initially told some of the guys that I would stay through my Q and then re-evaluate. I felt pretty good. Let’s do this. After Speaker’s Q at 10AM, my knees starting really bothering me. I was doing okay through Spirit Stick’s at 11AM. Then Upgrade had us do more moseys. My knees were at the point where jogging was making them buckle. I started doubting myself and justified bailing after that workout. I told myself that if I could modify, I would keep going. But I knew that any sort of sprint would likely mean that I’d fail. And failure is a fear of mine. I think that’s why I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was shooting for 24.

After waking up Sunday morning, I was angry. Angry that I didn’t push harder. Angry that I failed. Angry that I was feeling as good as I did. But, part of me felt left out. I enjoy being included and it felt great (selfishly) to be part of “the six” that were going for it.

Bottom line… I am proud of my accomplishment. I have perspective now. Could I have gone more? Maybe. Next time, I will be ready. Thank you all for the constant encouragement. This even was a blast.

Major props to Lochte who pushed as hard as he could. Those that watched him know that he gave his all even during his last post. 

Shoutout to Ratio for showing up for a 3AM workout for his first of 3 workouts before going to get donuts for his 2.0s.

I gave exactly zero Fs about announcing anything. What was there to announce anyway? We needed to maximize the time between endex and the next startex.

Workout Date: