April 2, 2018

Battle of the Bluff (insert Rocky music)

THE SCENE: No rain or lightning as forecasted but it was a brisk 46 degrees

Side straddle hopsx20 4ct IC

Merkins x10 4 Ct IC

Squats x20 4ct IC

Arm Circles x20 forward, x20 reverse

Imperial Walkers x20 IC 4Ct

5 20-yard sprints

Rounds of 3 minutes performing AMRAP for each super-set

10 Push-ups and 10 Box Jumps

10 Jump squats and 10 Wide Push ups

-short mosey to dip area by main road

10 dips and 10 lunges in place for each leg

10 one leg right leg burpees and 20 overhead claps

10 one leg left leg burpees and 5 X tricep pushups

10 diaper wipes (reverse crunches) and 10 American hammers each side

10 Jump squats and donkey kicks

Longer shuttle sprint to finish-20 yards to 40 yards-20 yards

23 PAX (3 FNG, 1 Irish goodbye)–Barney, Speedy, Spam

YHC talked about how he is his own worst enemy and critic. Read from 1 Corinthians 15:9-10 to show how Paul was his own critic but how the grace of God helps us get past our failures. Peter had his own struggles after the 3 betrayals and then he went on to bigger things in the name of Christ. I struggle with this daily even on things like messing up one out of 20 loads of laundry. I have a past of hitting myself and it snuck back up recently. Now it affects my wife since we are 2 people and of one flesh. It took saying it out loud to my best friend and getting caught by my wife to help me realize the problem. I encourage you to tell someone when you are going through a hard time because they can introduce new coping techniques and you can hear how selfish and dumb you are being. I never planned on it getting worse, but when a goose-egg popped up, I knew I needed something. God’s grace frees us, but we have to take action by getting help, especially if we want to help others.

Thanks to the Lair for surprising us with your presence. It almost led to a victory in the Bluff battle (sorry Morg, Annex is a comin). The community between the 2 is fun and allows us to compete, but also unite and push each other. It is encouraging knowing that 3 FNGs were present and helping push through each round. Even if you only show up once a week, keep on coming because the development of community will help us keep on moving.  Also, Captain Obvious was happy to see Wide Right finally got his gloves on today. Thanks to C-Lo (who was not in our count) to be a stand-in for Nature Boy upon his leaving for work.
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