November 18, 2017

Battle of the Blakes


Conditions: 68 degrees and windy (warm summer day)

QIC: Mama’s Boy and Billy Blanks

PAX: Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet, Pyrtle, Marshall (FNG), Snooki


Side straddle hops x15 IC
Tempo squats x15 IC
Hillbillies. X20 IC
Little arm circles forward x10 IC
Little arm circles backward x10 IC

Mosey toward amphitheater with fun stops
Mosey .15 mile
20 derkins and 20
Mosey .2 miles
Side straddle hops 30 sec
Mosey .2 miles
Partner Carry for .05 miles each
Mosey .25 miles
Inside shuffle and outside shuffle
Mosey .15 miles
Partner drags
Mosey .1 miles
Carolina dry docks on bench or incline on hill
Mosey .1 mile
70-yd sprint

At amphitheater
Partner carry up and down stairs x4 each partner

2 cones about 25 yards apart
Round 1: 10 lunges each leg, lunge walk to next cone, 10 lunges each leg and lunge walk back

Round 2: 10 Carolina dry docks, 3-leg dog hops, 10 Carolina dry docks, 3-leg dog hops back

Round 3: 10 squat jumps, star gaze crawl to cone, 10 squat jumps, grass pull ups back

Mary Mosey
Mile Jog back to AO

Mixed in Flutter kicks x25 IC
Dips on bench x30 and Spider-Man push ups x20
Bear crawl across bridge (about .1 miles or so)
Plank hold 20 count
Finish with a 50 yard sprint

Count o Rama
Name o Rama

Boldness is born out of belief
Peter was timid at first even denying him 3 times
-Boldness is by product of spending time with Jesus, Time builds faith, boldness then increased, then results (answered prayers, people coming to Christ). Constant circle that is a positive transformation.
-what happens when we take out one part of the circle. How are we affected?

Prayer requests/praises: clear scans for Pirtle’s son, pray for travel mercies on those at GrowRuck and thanksgiving holiday, Prayers for St. Jude marathon weekend (Go support the cause)

Moleskin: QIC had fun trying to do something different. Looks are deceiving when you think amphitheater doesn’t look too far away. Only ended 3 minutes late after thinking it would take an eternity to get back. Looks like hunting season may take away some of our PAX for a few months. Keep working together and grinding fellas.