October 22, 2019

Baseball and Bear Crawls

THE SCENE: Almost no longer shorts weather. Big Green appeared from thin air.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed. Covered F3 Mission and 5 components to each workout. 

  • SSH ICx30
  • Imperial Walkers ICx30
  • Squat ICx20
  • Arm Circles ICx15 forward ICx15 reverse
  • Mosey


We walked about 20 yards on our hands with our feet above us along the baseball fencing behind home plate. Speedy got light headed.

Mosey till all in.

YHC set up 4 bases in the parking lot, and each base had instructions on what exercise to perform and how to move to the next base. PAX timed themselves each lap, but were not given instructions on a goal time for their first lap.

  • Home Plate (StartEx)- 10 Jump Squats – Sprint to 1st Base
  • 1st Base – 10 Hand Release Merkins – Bear Crawl to 2nd Base
  • 2nd Base – 10 Burpees – Crab Walk to 3rd Base
  • 3rd Base – 10 BBS – Sprint Home and check time.

We repeated this a 2nd time. PAX were given a goal to beat their first lap’s time. Everyone did.

We repeated this a 3rd time. PAX were given a goal to beat their second lap’s time. Approximately half did, which is still great since we were pretty smoked at that point.


  • Toe Touch Situps OYOx10 per side
  • American Hammer ICx20
  • Flutter Kicks ICx30

8 PAX – 0 FNGs) – DHL, Big Green, Tremor, Speedy, Gomer, Gun Show, Roomba, Grimace (Q)
Set small goals.

With a small goal of beating one’s own time, everyone performed better, even after being fatigued.

The same is true in our spiritual lives, families, work, etc. Set small goals. They’ll help you perform better and will give you some accountability.

Tremor is a bear crawl beast.

YHC yelled “He’s Old!!!” at Gomer when his dad, Gun Show, beat him on lap 3. May or may not have motivated Gomer.

Cold weather after rain makes grass no fun.

Rabbit on Q this Friday. I wonder if we’ll be doing a lot of Pickle Pounders and Aw Yeahs…