August 21, 2019

Barracks Ruck- 8/21/19

THE SCENE: 3 pax got out their cars to a gorgeous humid morning.  YHC looked at the two other pax present and asked a simple question, “Do you want to be a man this morning or do we want to be a bunch of b******?” The pax responded that they want to be men.  So we each got a 60lb  sandbag out of our trunks.


SSH IC x30
IW IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Windmills IC x15
Stretch OYO for 60 seconds.

We picked up our sandbags and headed towards the track.  Dropped the sandbags and rucked .75 miles then rucked .25 miles with our sandbags.

We then headed to the football field and stood on the sideline.  Performed the following exercises, OYO
10 Merkins (w/ rucks)
10 Ruck to Shoestrings (Personal Favorite)
10 Ruck swings
10 Ruck high pulls
Bear crawl across the field dragging a 60lb sandbag! (THIS SUCKED!!)
Drink Water!
*Rinse and Repeat*

We did a 3rd round of the exercises but instead of bear crawl drags, we did sandbag tosses across the field. (THIS ALSO SUCKED!!)

Dropped the sandbags, rucked .5 miles and then finished with a .25 mile ruck with our sandbags right at 6:15a.

None… Out of time.

Shoestring(QIC), Hitch, and Toms

Don’t be a bitch…  We all chose to do the harder thing this morning.  We should choose to do the harder thing when it makes us better.  Today made all of us better.

YHC was feeling great during the bear crawls with sandbags.  It may be my Dolphin.  Toms fell behind at one point but we picked up the 6 and made sure he was never alone.  YHC knew he would not like us going back for him but its what needed to be done and we were all better for it.