February 5, 2020

Barracks Ruck

The Scene:
Coldish and wetish. The pax consisted of all berm-ites or bermians.

Warm O Rama:
20 SSO cadence
Some squats

The thang:
Ruck to the Tower of terror
Bottom to top stairs 3x
20 squats
Ruck to the bridge parking garage. Bottom to top stairs 2x. 20 squats.
Ruck to the old garage bottom to top stairs 1x. 20 squats.
Ruck to pull-up bars. 1 rep.

Ruck to start x for 30 flutter kicks and 1.5 min of boat canoes.

COT: read scripture with you M. Pray with your M

Moleskin: set your alarms.

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