March 31, 2019

Backblast, Bartlett, The Morg, and Rosetta Stone (Muhammad Iqbal)

THE SCENE: 60°, slight rain, and Windy

Jumping jacks, high knees, five squats, and a slow 60 meter run.
Insert information about the workout.

All partner workout. One partner is working out while the other partner completes a 30 meter run. Upon completion of 30 meter run, the partner switches. We did a total sum of 200 Merkins, 200 squats, 200 Bigboy situps, 200 mountain climbers, and about 800 meter run. Below is the detail of the workout:

2 rounds of 100 Merkins each

2 rounds of 100 Squats each

2 rounds of 100 Bigboy situps each

2 rounds of 100 Mountain Climbers each

Flutter kicks, 60 Second Plank
Rosetta Stone, Orange Julius, The Streak, Granola, Woodpecker, & FNG Curly
Talked about the incident in New Zealand in which 50 Muslims were killed while praying in a mosque at Christchurch. The shooter had little understanding and knowledge of history. I found out from several videos that there was a historical reference on the shooter’s gun regarding Vienna 1683, Ottoman invasion of Vienna, Austria. While it is true that Ottomans were Muslims and Ottomans invaded Vienna in 1683, but the victims of the shooter had nothing to do with the Ottoman empire. I looked at the list of victims of that shooting, and I found out that 10 were Pakistanis, 10 Indian Muslims, 10 Bengali Muslims, few Saudi citizens, few Syrian refugees, and few Malaysian Muslims. The Ottoman empire began in modern day Turkey, and all the major offices in Ottoman empire were held by Turkish men.

If we read history, we will find out that in 1683 Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were predominantly Hindu, Sikh, or belonged to other local religions in that region. There were Muslim rulers in India, modern day Pakistan and Bangladesh around 1683, but they were separate from the Ottoman empire. They did not participate in any of the Ottoman expeditions. Therefore, killing Pakistanis, Indian, Malay, or Bengali Muslims in revenge of Ottoman siege of 1683 make no sense. What is even more surprising in history is that Saudis went to war against the Ottoman empire. Modern day Saudi Arabia fought for independence from the Ottomans.

Therefore, we should and must know more, and we must try hard to understand different cultures. Main point of my conversation was, “The more you know, the more you will love. The less you know, the more you will hate.”


That was my first ever time leading a workout.