September 5, 2018

Backblast 9/5/18 – The Berm

THE SCENE: Really humid but not too hot – getting harder to locate sunshine as the days get shorter

They were welcomed and warned

Windmills 15 on 4c IC, Hillbillies 10 on 4c IC, SSH 100 on 4c IC

It was all about two different speeds today

  • Mosey to large dirt mound – bear crawl up and over, crawl bear back, 10 body builders IC – rinse and repeat
  • At soccer field – with flag in the middle – a series of sprints to tempo exercises ensued – exercises listed below in order
  • Tempo Merck – 10 – 8c (all the way down on 4, all the way up on 8 – the slower you count the better) IC
  • Tempo Big Boy Situps – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Werkins – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Derkins – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Squats – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Flutterkicks 10 – 4c very slow IC
  • ABC’s – spelling BERMUDA TRIANGLE instead of alphabet

Guantanamo, American Hammers 25 4c IC, Boat/Canoe – rinse and repeat
10 PAX – Pumpkin, Yardsale, Ups, Flatland, Flat Tire, Houdini, Speaker, Lipton, Cataract, Popeye
2 Tim 2:20-21 since we did two different speeds I thought we’d talk about two different kinds of vessels – honorable vessels and dishonorable vessels.  Need to have integrity in the workplace – as leaders we must maintain a sense of honor and not fall into the trap of cutting corners or working with dishonesty.
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