August 6, 2018

Back-to-School Beatdown

THE SCENE: muggy, probably 73-ish degrees.


Did it, including sharing mission of F3.


  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Hillbillies (IC) – 12
  • LBAC – (IC) – 15
  • Mosey lap around the parking lot

I named this “Back-to-School Beatdown” cuz everyone always has cool titles to their backblasts. However, it was not a themed workout. Had nothing to do with back-to-school other than the fact that my kids started back to school today. Oh well.

Super 21’s with a twist:

  • Starting at the north end of the small “island” median in the parking lot complete 1 curl (w/ CMU) followed by 20 standing shoulder press (w/ CMU).
  • Then walk the length of the island (approx. 25 yards) with CMU held high over head
  • Set CMU down, mosey to playground to complete AMRAP pull-ups on swing sets (or just hang as long as possible if cannot perform pull-ups)
  • Mosey back to parking lot, pick up CMU and walk back to startex with CMU held straight out in front of you (several PAX dubbed this the “stinky diaper baby carry”)
  • Rinse and repeat with 2 curls, 19 standing shoulder presses; 3:18; 4:17, etc.

Most PAX made it about halfway through before needing to stop for Mary.


  • J-Lo’s (IC) – 10
  • Peter Parker’s (IC) – 10
  • Iron Cross Dalai Lama (IC) – 20
  • Hello Dolly (IC) – 20
  • High Plank – 30 seconds


Handsy (QIC), Bottomless, Goldilocks, Pirtle, Shoestring, Soybean, Hitch, Ergo, ISS, Teacher’s Pet, Carmen Sandiego, Book it, Doc Hollywood, Cowbell, Windex (FNG), 1 Eye Willie (FNG), Kingpin (FNG)


YHC felt convicted recently at an event meeting lots of people and telling people “I’m sorry, I’m not good with names.” Realized remembering peoples’ names is not a skill some people are born with (like being musical or athletic). It’s something anyone can do well. And the only reason I’m not “good at it” is because I’m being selfish and not really caring about others. If I really cared about others and wanted to show them dignity and respect, I would listen and make sure that I learn their name (as opposed to thinking about what I’m going to say next or not listening to them, etc.). So – show people you meet respect and give them dignity by listening and learning their names.


It was so good to be back Q-ing at OF! I’ve missed working out with all these PAX this summer. Also, this workout turned out to be much harder than expected (for me at least!). Later there was lots of complaining about not being able to lift arms, put deodorant on, etc.


Lots of great things coming up – all can be found in this weeks PRE-BLAST.