January 5, 2021

Back to School




Imperial Walkers (IC)

Daisy Pickers (IC) nice and slow

Michael Phelps (IC)

High Knees (down and back)

Butt-Kickers (down and back)

Skips (down and back)

Inch Worms: from standing position (1.) with feet in place, place hands on ground and crawl hands out to merkin position (2.) perform merkin (3.) walk feet to hands (4.) stand up and reach hands above head and return hands to ground (5.) walk feet back to merkin position (6.) perform merkin (7.) crawl hands back to feet (8.) stand up and reach hands above head. Rinse and repeat. I called for 5, but modified to 3. They take time.


    • Moseyed to SCS Parking Lot in honor of first day of Spring semester (it did not feel like spring)
    • Partner up and alternate completing each of the four rungs (light pole curb to the long parking lot lines at 20/40/60/150 yards)
      • While one partner completes one rung, the other is performing alternating upper and lower body movements
      • after partner one completes 1st rung, switch
      • after partner two completes 1st rung, switch and progress to 2nd rung
      • and so on and so forth until 4th rung completed by both partners
    • At Curb Island
      • Alternate between
        • 10 merkins (variation of choice incline, decline, etc.)
        • 5 squats (variations included box jumps, jungle boys)
    • 4 Rungs
      • First line 20 Burpees and back
      • Second line 40 BBSU and back
      • Third line 60 Bonnie Blairs (1-is-1) and back
      • Far curb 80 Butkus’ (adapted from F3 Exicon: alternating toe-taps on curb) and back


  • Too much time for Mary, not enough time to fully Rinse and Repeat
    • Rinsed and Repeated with 5/10/15/20 reps on the rungs (same reps on curb island)


  • Moseyed back to startex

QIC chose PAX to lead exercises of their choice (IC). Altar Boy led shoulder taps, Climate Control led American Hammers, Costello led the fastest Mountain Climbers ever performed in the history of F3. “I love climbing mountains.” That was apparent and appreciated.

Held AL Gore until time.

7 PAX, no FNGs.

Forget the year that lies behind us, or even the life. Don’t rest in your pride for what you have accomplished and don’t be ashamed of your failures. Strain forward. Whatever you hope to accomplish, I would encourage you to do something that has helped me stay on target: post it on your fridge and have a daily step to getting toward your goal. Don’t just talk about it or think about it. Write it out. Put a check mark by daily achievements. Keep track.

There was some competitive spirit in the air. Costello was catching up to Climate Control until he pushed it into high gear and held him off. The same happened when QIC was running up on Chioccetti. Crayfish and Altar Boy were paired up and in front the whole way. I was proud to see that, despite being tired, guys were pushing each other to the very end. I think the mosey back from a workout is a good barometer of the workout’s efficacy. Was the mosey pleasant? Then the thang might have been too easy. Was the mosey a slog? Must’ve been a good thang. Our mosey was a slog.

Costello’s Mountain Climbers were a fun bit of extra mojo to conclude the workout. Thirty (IC) at break-neck speed. I plan to delegate Mary in future Qs.

If I were to lead this same workout again, I would increase the number of repetitions at each rung of the ladder. There was quite a bit of running between rungs and repetitions at the curb island, but the rungs themselves could have been more challenging. It may be better to have more reps, make it more difficult, and call it for time than to make it too easy and have time to spare. Additional reps at each rung would have filled the spare time that we had. However, the second round of running the rungs was challenging yet. It depends on the style of workout one desires, running vs calisthenics.

I almost packed up a bunch of CMUs last night, but didn’t. I plan to include more CMUs in future workouts. I will stash some at Sandlot.

The Bauer, Equinox Challenge, 75-Hard

Ricky Bobby
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