October 14, 2019

Back to Neverland

THE SCENE: An absolutely beautiful Friday morning. Weather could not be better.

SSH – 20 IC.        Arm Circles – Little, big, forward, and reverse. 8 each IC.       Daily Pickers – 15 IC

  • 13s – Merkins and wide stance squats.
    • In light of the Cardinals crushing 13 run victory over the Braves, we we going to do 13s. However, we started with 13, so they were really 14s…
  • Group Dora sorta thing
    • One PAX dragged a big log half the length of the parking lot up the hill. At the top, did a bear sprawl once around the CMU. Then dragged the log back to the group.
    • Rest of the PAX did AMRAP style of the following in order: flutter kicks, Supermans, heels to the heavens, low plank leg raises (alternate every 5), flutter kicks, then choose your own for the last.
  • Mosey to pavillion
    • 50 Tricep dips OYO
    • Tree pose to a 20 hold in a figure 4 squat. Repeat for other leg.
    • Warrior 3 for 10s to Half moon for 10s. Repeat for other leg.
  • Mosey to playground.


  • PAX were asked to choose their favorite exercise for the group to do.
    • Beeflog – do 15 Gorilla Canoodlers
    • IceCube – do 10 more Gorilla Canoodlers
    • Croissant – 60 flutter kicks
    • Toucan – bear crawl across the playground and back
    • (ran out of time for rest of PAX)

7 PAX – Miracle Ear (QIC), Croissant, Zima, Beeflog, Ice Cube, Toucan, Old Yeller
Lot of sickness going around. Be sure to be good to your families and your M’s. Family comes first, F3 comes after. Stay healthy!
I really enjoy Neverland. The playground is very pleasant to work out on.
See Slack.