October 3, 2018

Back to Back VQ

THE SCENE: Very humid. Larry was not in attendance – he was spotted by the school so we were in the clear.

The Pax were welcomed and disclaimed. Reminded them that I just work at a Paper Company – definitely not a professional.

Workout today is in honor of the 19 men killed and 73 men injured in the battle of Mogadishu 25 years ago.

SSH – IC x19
Imperial Walkers – IC x19
Thread Tha Needle Hip Stretch – 30 sec each leg (was informed that this was “worse than the log” during the stretch)


  • Thang # 1: Grab CMU and mosey to the Levee Hill – like 11’s but instead, 19’s.
    • Run up Levee Hill with CMU and do 18 CMU curls, run to bottom and do 1 squat press with CMU.
    • Run up Levee Hill with CMU and do 17 CMU curls, run to bottom and do 2 squat presses with CMU.
    • Run up Levee Hill with CMU and do 1 CMU curl, run to bottom and do 17 squat presses with CMU.

  • Comes out to 190 reps of each exercise.
  • Modified squat presses to either squats or press if needed.
  • We were running short on time and about half of the PAX were either done or on their last round so I decided to cut the party short and mosey to startex.
  • Thang # 2:  Mogadishu Mile
    • In honor of the men in Mogadishu who were forgotten by the EXFIL convoy and had to run 1 mile out of the city after fighting throughout the night, we did a modified merkin mile.
    • Run .19 miles, stop and do 19 Merkins.
      • Rinse and repeat until at 1 mile.

Flutter kicks x 73 IC
Star Gazers X 60 seconds

15 PAX – no FNGs (Barney, Mr. Freeze, Moneybags, Rabbit, Captain Obvious, Renfro, Capri Sun, Pops, Harbaugh, Sparky, Slots, Slicnut FKA Escobar, Nature Boy, U-Rock QIC)

YHC challenged the PAX tofind a core group of guys that they can be fully open and honest with. Need to have someone watching your back and will call you out when you are walking down the wrong path.

It is freeing to know that someone knows how jacked up you are but still loves you. Despite how great it is to come together as a large group, that relational intimacy and accountability is only something that can come from a smaller setting.

Rabbit and Slicnut explained what 345 was and encouraged the PAX to join.