January 26, 2021

Baby Giraffes

“Dense Fog Advisory” – I have lived in areas where dense fog meant you couldn’t see the mail box in front of your house… so, this was nothing. Cooler than many thought it would be.

2 Pre Ruckers (Ratio and Slater)



Mosey to Turf Field North Endzone.

Mosey length of field and back.

High knees to 20ish yard line and back.

Butt kickers to 20ish yard line and back.

Arm circles IC x 15 (each direction)

Overhead Claps IC x 20 (Nature Boy form with arms coming together at bottom and top)

Tempo Squats IC x 20

Line up on end zone.

Mosey to 25 yard line, perform 15 merkins.

Mosey back to end zone, perform 1 burpee.

Mosey to 50 yard line, perform 50 LBCs.

Mosey back to end zone, perform 1 burpee.

Mosey to 75 yard line, perform 50 Mountain Climbers.

Mosey back to end zone, perform 1 burpee.

Mosey to opposite end zone.

Mosey back to end zone, perform 1 burpee.

X 2


Mosey to bleachers.

100 calf raises OYO (McQuack announced that we all looked like baby giraffes)

Mosey back to end zone.

50 squats OYO


10 yard Advances(hit each 10 yard mark):

Mosey to 10 and back.

Mosey to 20 and back.


Mosey to opposite end zone and back.


10 yard advances (each 10 yard mark up to 50 yards)

Mosey to 10, backpedal back.

Mosey to 20, backpedal back.


Mosey to 50, backpedal back.


Mosey to bleachers.

100 calf raises OYO

Mosey back to end zone.

Circle up.

Dealers Choice

Final Mary choice: Utah called for 60 count low plank. PAX counted in a circle. By the time we reached 20, Utah advised that we would regret how slowly we were counting. Double Dare didn’t care and casually asked how everyone was just before counting 59.

7: McQuack, Pablo, Dial-Up, Double Dare (AOQ), Ratio, Utah, Slater

Reading The ONE Thing… I am easily overwhelmed with large projects or large goals. The author’s advice is to basically do a Gantt chart to back into your long term goals by shrinking them down into manageable pieces along the timeline. Think about the one small thing I can do now, which enables today’s goal, which enables the week’s goal, which enables the month’s goal… etc… This is very helpful and practical for me.

Even with 3 of our regular Lair PAX out (Turkey Leg, Hello Kitty, and Harry Potter), we still had a good crowd. It’s always fun to do work on the turf. My gloves were so stinky today that during LBC’s, I had to remove them. Vinegar bath is needed. One Hundred calf raises is no joke, especially if you pause each rep in the top position.

Good discussion about adding a weight day in Collierville. Several of the guys are excited about this opportunity.

Created my first custom playlist for a workout (rather than just playing from an existing playlist). Apparently I have a wider range of music that I enjoy than everyone else. The Punk Rock covers of Pop songs did not go over well.

McQuack’s VQ on Thursday!!!

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