February 2, 2021

b.l.u.e. c.o.l.l.a.r.

very cold and windy


Motivator – countdown from 6 IC

Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

Mosey around the entire park, following the road all the way up past the baseball fields, past the gazebos, down Barlett Rd and back to Startex, stopping every 30-40 yards for an exercise, almost all done in cadence. We spell out BLUE COLLAR with exercises.

B – Burpees x 10 OYO

L – Luge x 15 IC

U – Up Down x 10 IC

E – Elevens at gazebo – Irkins and Dips – Starting with 10 Irkins and 1 Dip, wears your arms out!

C – Caterpillars x 10 OYO – on sidewalk lining Bartlett Rd

We finished up the last 5 exercises all at shovel flag

O – Outlaws x 10 IC on each leg

L – LBCs x 20 IC

L – Lt Dans OYO – 1 squat, 1 lunge (1:1), 2 squats, 2 lunges all the way up to 10

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10 IC

R – Reverse Lunges x 10 IC

5 Different plank positions, 1 minute in each position, and taking in to consideration the meditation challenge for the month, I had a fruit of the spirit to focus on as you breathe in and a “bad fruit” to focus on as you breathe out, the idea being that we are in prayer with God for Him to fill us with His fruit and take away from us our sin.

All for 1 minute:

In high plank – Breathe in “love” and breathe out “hate”

In low plank – Breathe in “patience” and breathe out “short-tempered”

In right side plank – Breathe in “kindness” and breathe out “cruelty”

In left side plank – Breathe in “self-control” and breathe out “lacks discipline”

In back plank – Breathe in “gentleness” and breathe out “brutality”

2 PAX. Bootheel (AOQ) and Upgrade (QIC)

No COT today. Bootheel and I shared something we needed prayer for and then we took 2 minutes in complete silence to pray for the other person to ourselves. Bootheel has an interview Thursday at Youth Villages for a different position. I asked for prayer for my patience, as I have been getting easily irritated with my kids lately.

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