October 29, 2018

Aycock Ramble

scene was nice.


SSH x 30

Windmills x 20

chinooks x 10


hand release merkins (plank til all in)
bbsu (flutterkick til all in)
squats (calf raises til all in)

mosy around the park and do this group of exercises for varying reps at different locations:

startex – 5 reps each

corner – 10 reps

light pole near where we saw that fox – 15 reps

another corner – 20 reps

by the tennis courts – 25 reps

middle-ex? – 30 reps

Then we took another lap, descending by 5 reps at each stop.

10 seconds of stargazers.  We timed it well.


Woodpecker, Soulja Boy, Tree Hugger, Sleep Number, Short Timer, Wall Builder, Tiger Lilly, Ace Ventura, No Fuego

Talked about how to consider trials as joy, as told in James 1:2.  When our bodies are sore we can be glad about it because we know we are getting stronger.  When we’re tired emotionally and spiritually because of trials how can find joy?  Trying to trust God in a situation I talked about that my wife and I are dealing with, hoping this testing of our faith develops perseverance for what lies.