March 10, 2020

Dust Cover’s VQ beast-down

THE SCENE: a nice 63 degrees at startex F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX welcomed and disclaimed WARM-O-RAMA: 20 SSH OH arm/chest/upperback/calf/ab reach to sky stretches THA-THANG: Next, we hammered out the thang which covered head to toe with inserted Mosies: – upper body was 2 rounds of 20 Merkin regular, 15 Mercan wide arm, 10 burpee, short mosie, 15…

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March 6, 2020

Crippled AOQ means a crippled Q

THE SCENE: A cool 45° at the shiniest AO in F3Memphis, if not the entire F3Nation. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Dun it. WARM-O-RAMA: Nun – we’re rucking. THA-THANG: Was made aware at 4AM that my scheduled QiC couldn’t make it, so I made lemonade and we rucked three miles at a 13:32 pace. MARY: No time, didn’t hurt my…

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March 3, 2020

Old and hobbled = gimme that core work!

THE SCENE: A comfy but moist 59° at the shiniest AO. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Aye. WARM-O-RAMA: We’re rucking, ain’t nobody needing a warmup. THA-THANG: ~1/2 mile quick ruck around the south of the park (love that hill) then on to the small (~1/5th mile) loop at the north end. PAX were informed that this month’s F3 Fitness Challenge…

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December 12, 2019


THE SCENE: Crisp autumn morning at the Cockpit. Actually, screw that, it was a cold 27°. Better get moving… F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done, done. WARM-O-RAMA: Pre-ruck beginning at 4:40 did it for us, clocked just under 3 miles (2.95). All three PAX pre-rucked (aww-yeah)… THA-THANG: Ruck workout – ruck one loop (1/2 mile) then perform overhead ruck presses,…

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August 5, 2019

Berm or bust

THE SCENE: A cool but moist 69° F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yup WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC X25 IW IC x20 Daisy Pickers IC x20 Small arm circles IC x10 (+ reverse) THA-THANG: AMRAP for 30 seconds each (5 rounds): – Merkins – Flutter Kick – Carolina Dry Docks – WWI Situps Next, several pax will farmer carry dumbbells or two…

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July 5, 2019

“Zima doesn’t run…”

THE SCENE: 73*, 98% humidity F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Aye WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC x25 Daisy Pickers IC x15 Imperial Walkers IC X15 Small Arm Circles IC x10 (+ reverse) THA-THANG: Descending ladder: start with 20 LBCs, run the length of the field (~50 yards), do 19 LBCs, run the length of the field again, do 18 LBCs… down to…

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June 28, 2019

Zima’s Birthday Cake

THE SCENE: Beautiful, calm 70° morning at the shiniest AO F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done and done WARM-O-RAMA: SSH INC x25 Daisy Pickers IC x15 Imperial Walkers IC X15 Small Arm Circles IC x10 (+ reverse) THA-THANG: Since the QIC is turning 47 tomorrow, we started with some 4+7=11’s: Merkins and Monkey Humpers with a run across the parking lot…

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