September 21, 2020

“Something attempted, something done”

We assembled in the gloom. WoR: 50 SSH 10 Daisy Pickers 10 Windmills Thing: Bear crawl while dragging cmu from startex to the scoreboard behind the second baseball field.  That’s 290 yards if you go in a straight line, but the cmu trails showed that we were far from straight.  Somewhere around halfway, one of the cmu’s broke.  I’ve…

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May 1, 2020

Cones of Dunshire: Arbiter’s Ascent

A beautiful morning at the Morg. 2020 disclaimer version disclaimed WoR: SSH, daisy pickers, windmills, arm circles Thing:  I realized while watching Parks and Rec last night that I needed to plan a workout.  I got as far as the title.  I decided on the rest during WoR.  The episode was lackluster. Dora – 100 BBSU, 200 merkins, 300…

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March 13, 2020

Personal contact at the levee

As I drove out to the Levee I reminisced about the first time I went out there, roughly two years ago.  I was meeting an FNG, who became the Cleaner.  Shortly after that he took a job in Oregon.  More importantly, I left with a plastic chain holding an over sized F3 pendant, which would become known as the…

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February 21, 2020

Morg 2 21 2020

Another beautiful day at the Morg. Warm up: SSHx30 Mosey long lap around the park, stopping for pyramid sets of HR merkins, bbsu, and smurf jacks. 3 rounds of: 15 merkins, 15 squats, and 15 monkey humpers Mary: 25 flutterkick 15 hello dolly 15 Rosalita 50 second plank      

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February 18, 2020

Playground of Dreams 2 18 20

SSH x 20 Windmills x 15 Overhead Clap x 20 Mosey to playground Pax did an exercise while each HIM took turns running a lap.  After everyone took a lap, the exercise changed.  We did SSH, plank, mountain climbers, LBC’s. 3 rounds of: 15 swing rows 15 swing derkins 15 swing knees to chest thing 3 rounds of: 15…

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February 7, 2020

Morg 2 7 20

SSH High knees Buttkickers Squats Sumo Squats Overhead Claps Merkins Mosey 10 Monkey Humpers at each new pole. 3 rounds of wall sits at each bathroom 10 smurf jacks and 10 groiners at each old pole power walking Mary: Squats, Sumo Squats, plank holds, variety of shoulder things There was one walker at the park today.  We happened to…

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December 25, 2019

a Morglian Christmas

WoR SSH x 60 Windmills x 15 Overhead Clap x 12 Thing Mosey to scoreboard set timer for 7 mins and PAX rotated through three exercises however the wanted  Pull-ups/Monkey Humpers/BBSU Chin-ups/Jump Lung/Pickle Pounder Assisted pull-ups/getups/groiners mosey to bridge 4. dips/burpees/raised glute bridge mosey to endex location Mary merkins IC plank variations CoT “Christmas Bells” Longfellow I heard the…

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