January 29, 2021

Good old Ruckin

THE SCENE: Nice brisk morning F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER No FNGs -missing Ice Cube but had his ruck WARM-O-RAMA: Typical warmup THA-THANG: Rucked to our favorite hill where we hoofed it to the fence and back with 10 air squats after each trek.  Then we Rucked the small trail loop with a bear crawl to the picnic table for…

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November 26, 2020

F3 – Obstacle course

THE SCENE: Beautiful morning at Neverland F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Pace as needed WARM-O-RAMA: Usually warmup with some hills sprints to get the old heart pumping. THA-THANG: Obstacle course themed workout with ten movements, consisting of burpees, broad jumps, bear crawls, swing walks, lunges, rope slams, ball slams, ground to overhead, agility work, drag the log ???? and sprints….

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October 29, 2020

Lucky workout

THE SCENE: A nice Fall morning, ideal for trying your chances WARM-O-RAMA: Typical warmup. THA-THANG: The workout consisted of a mosey around the park for a quarter mile and the our first event in testing our luck.  This involved a quarter where each PAX flipped it.  If it was heads then one air squat and if it was tails…

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October 4, 2020

Move and lift

THE SCENE: A brisk 45 before dawn F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER 5 PAXs and no FNGs WARM-O-RAMA: Typical warmup. THA-THANG: Move and lift was the theme: 5 stations, most with CMU 1st murder bunnies 10 yards then 2 blockies, repeat 3 more 2nd CMU bear crawl 10 yards the 4 thrusters, repeat 3 more 3rd riffle carry 10 yards…

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September 25, 2020

Tony Hawkins – Old School

THE SCHEME: Perfect weather at Neverland F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Always modify as needed WARM-O-RAMA: The usual warmup; daisy pickers, high knees, etc THA-THANG: We started off with some good old fashioned hill sprints to get the heart ♥️ pumping. Then we did a solid 20 minutes of Dora that consisted of rounds of 10 clapping Merkins, 20 jumping…

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August 14, 2020

NASCAR at Neverland

THE SCENE: A perfect dawn at 72F WARM-O-RAMA: Usual warmup. THA-THANG: Put the peddle to the metal with a 100 meter hill sprint to the race starting line then… Cycle of: 1 easy lap, i. e. jog, followed by 1 hard lap (see below), then 1 GTO and ending with a pit stop  then repeat ???? Each lap was 4…

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June 19, 2020

How to not pay rent

THE SCENE: Perfect 70F day F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Getting back in the game WARM-O-RAMA: Typical warming up of the old joints. THA-THANG: FNG got introduced to Jeff’s Top Ten, ????. 30 sit-ups 25 SSHs 20 squats 15 merkins 10 lungs per leg 5 burpees Bear crawl Broad jumps GTO Run the parking lot and repeat  4 rounds was…

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August 9, 2019

Fly Like A Bird – Neverland

THE SCENE: No clouds in sight at the shiniest AO in Memphis.  It was a great day for flying! F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done. WARM-O-RAMA: Typical warmup to get those muscles ready for flight, i.e. daisy pickers, air squats, arm circles, etc. THA-THANG: Eight HIM soared as Toucan led the way!  We had an string of pearls, (run 100…

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