September 5, 2018

Backblast 9/5/18 – The Berm

THE SCENE: Really humid but not too hot – getting harder to locate sunshine as the days get shorter F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  They were welcomed and warned WARM-O-RAMA: Windmills 15 on 4c IC, Hillbillies 10 on 4c IC, SSH 100 on 4c IC THA-THANG: It was all about two different speeds today Mosey to large dirt mound – bear…

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August 20, 2018

ESPN 30 for 30 at the Berm

THE SCENE: mid 70’s, lowish humidity, wee hours of the morn F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER. done and done WARM-O-RAMA: warm up?  whats that? THA-THANG: 30 exercises at either 30 reps or some held for 30 long seconds SSH 4c IC Apollo Ono’s Squat Jumps LBC’s People’s chair Merkins Colt 30 with coupon Skull Crushers with coupon Flutter Kicks Bear Crawl (way…

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August 7, 2018

Bermuda Triangle Beatdown

THE SCENE: It was a clear black night, a clear white moon, Warren G was on the streets…wait, wrong intro.  A balmy 75 degrees with 87% humidity but 0 UV index since the sun wasn’t up!  Popeye VQ F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER given WARM-O-RAMA: Michael Phelps OYO, SSH x 20 4c IC, Monkey Humpers x 20 4c IC, 10 Tempo…

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