July 10, 2019


THE SCENE: Unseasonably warm and muggy for the Himalaya F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH, IW, DP, M THA-THANG: Mosey from Lhasa out on the plateau Tibetan Run to escape rabid mastiff Melted snow to quench thirst Sprint to base camp and avoid hostile government forces 5 rounds of partner work. A does mountain climbers while B yak crawls, sprints…

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February 24, 2019

Those Who Wander Sometimes are Lost

THE SCENE: Colder with a biting wind. Also, lots of water on the ground. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: 16 SSHs IC THA-THANG: Ran a meandering 4 miles around the streets of what some called Germantown and some called Memphis. Paused about halfway and did 20 Big Boy Sit-ups OYO MARY: No Mary COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA 9, no FNGs…

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January 30, 2019

Old Forest Workout 1/30/19

THE SCENE: Cold F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH Imperial Walkers Hillbillies Burpees Bear Crawl Lap around parking lot THA-THANG: Modified B.O.M.B.S. into B.M.S.S.F Big Boy Sit-ups x 100 Merkins x 150 Side Straddle Hops x 200 Squats x 250 Flutterkicks x 300 MARY: No Time COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA 12, no FNG CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Look for value in what…

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December 29, 2018


THE SCENE: Mild morning F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: ssh, imperial walkers, Indian run around parking lot a couple of times, probably something else. THA-THANG: We modified 11s to be 15s, with merkins and SSHs. Always ran to SSHs but did various exercises on the way back. Pax held plank til all in on SSH side so we could return…

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December 3, 2018

Hit 100!

THE SCENE: Chilly with a breeze, but sunny F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  ✅  WARM-O-RAMA: 15 SSH IC 15 Imperial Walkers IC 15 Overhead Claps IC THA-THANG: – 2 pax did sit-ups while the other pax ran the parking lot across and back. Switched out pax until the total sit-ups equaled 150 – pax did pushups while the other pax ran…

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October 23, 2018

Old Forest Exercising

THE SCENE: Morning F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Imperials walkers, Hillbillies, Arm Circles, Crunches THA-THANG: Ran the long way to the Shell. Partnered up. One partner ran loop around the grassy area while the other did side straddle hops. Switched. Goal was 500 SSHs. Didn’t finish. Ran back to parking lot. MARY: No time for Mary COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA 8…

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August 1, 2018

Scout Team’s Ghost Q

THE SCENE: Pleasant temperature F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: While waiting for Scout Team to show, we did: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hill Billies, Arm Circles (forward and reverse), Daisy Pickers and some OYO stretching. THA-THANG While continuing to wait for Scout Team, we moseyed to the path to the Bike Gate and completed the IronPax Teaser Challenge of merkins, bear…

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June 19, 2018

Exercise in the Morning

THE SCENE: Warm but a hint of less humidity F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Stretching, SSH, probably something else THA-THANG: DORA! One partner ran, slid, backpeddled, carioca’d, bear crawled and crawl beared while the other did: 100 roll over merkins 200 BBSUs 300 calf raises We followed that with some sprints MARY: Users Choice. I don’t remember much. COUNT-OFF &…

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March 1, 2018

Animal Crawl

THE SCENE:  Wet, Rainy, Mild F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH, baby arm circles, walk out merkins, stretching, maybe something else, all to counts that are prime numbers, just for fun. And a mosey. THA-THANG: It was supposed to be a relay race, but, due to low numbers in the rain and Q error, it wasn’t as much a…

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