February 15, 2021

Snow Mosey Through the Woods

THE SCENE: 14 degrees, light snow, roughly 3-5 inches on the ground. Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” welcoming the PAX. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes. WARM-O-RAMA: 30 SSH’s, 15 Hill Billies, 15 Imperial Walkers, 8 Daisy Pickers, 30 sec stretch while YHC fixed the playlist. THA-THANG: Mosey through the Old Forest (roughly 2 miles total) and stopping for some exercises along…

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January 26, 2021

Back in the Sandlot Again

THE SCENE: A little foggy, wet pavement, hint of an onion, but a perfect 43 degrees. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Yes WARM-O-RAMA: 20 -Arm Circles IC (10 forward, 10 reverse), 10 – Daisy Pickers, 10 Hill Billies, and then some CHUMBAWUMBA (SSH’s during the verses and Burpees during the chorus… a Cheesesteak special). THA-THANG: Touring around the Sandlot and stopping at…

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October 28, 2020

Zombies, RUN!

THE SCENE: Slight Fog, dreary, quiet…. a little too quiet F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: CHECK WARM-O-RAMA: All IC: 30 SSH’s, 10 Daisy Pickers, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Arm Circles ( each forward and backward) THA-THANG: (Bookworm Q’d a variation of this about 2 years ago at the Sandlot, so give him some credit) Split into partners of equal…

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October 28, 2020

Negative Splits

THE SCENE: Dry, cool F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: CHECK WARM-O-RAMA: 1 Lap of mosey including butt-kickers, backwards run, and Carioca. THA-THANG: Run 3 miles with negative splits on each mile. MARY: LBC’s, March of the Penguins, LOL’s COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 7 Pax (Harry Caray from Fort Mills, NC) CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: MOLESKIN: Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content,…

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September 8, 2020

Par 3 Dora

THE SCENE: DARK! Warm.  F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Completed. WARM-O-RAMA: 25 SSH’s, 15 Polka Stretch, 10 Daisy Pickers, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Hill Billies, 30 second stretch before running to golf course (stopped along the way to hold plank for 6) THA-THANG: PAX partner up for DORA. PAX explored up the golf course, while the other stayed to complete:…

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August 25, 2020

RIP Soybean’s Shorts

THE SCENE: Weather was nice, good amount of pre-mumblechatter. Playlist started. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yessir. WARM-O-RAMA: 16 Soulja Boy Shuffles (gotta yell TOUCH!), 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Daisy Pickers, 10 Polka Stretch, 30 seconds free stretch THA-THANG: PAX Moseyed to the bleachers behind the bathrooms for partner workouts. Exercise 1: 200 total Aussie Pull Ups (1…

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July 13, 2020

10 for 11’s at the Shell

THE SCENE: Dry, coolish, gnatty. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yessir WARM-O-RAMA: 25 SSH’s, 10 Daisy Pickers, 20 LBAC’s (10 forward, 10 backward), 5 Body Builders, and 30 second free stretch while PAX waited for MIB to gather his things. THA-THANG: Mosey to the Shell for 11’s. Stopped 2 times along the way (First stop: Alternating Should Taps – 10. Second…

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June 15, 2020

Four Eyes is 32!

THE SCENE: It was nice F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yes, I did. WARM-O-RAMA: SSH’s, some stretching THA-THANG: Moseyed to bleachers for leg raises, and some light pull-up work. Moseyed to parking lot for Tabata. Moseyed to skate park for more tabata (skate park was closed so we stayed in parking lot). MARY: Something happened, but I don’t remember. COUNT-OFF &…

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May 19, 2020

PLR- Parking Lot Running

THE SCENE: Dry. Weather was perfect. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Check WARM-O-RAMA: SSH’s, Daisy Pickers, then a slow lap around the track including Carioca, Back peddling. Then, mosey to the circle for some slight stretching. THA-THANG: Mosey to Parking Garage #1 (south of Walker). Split into 2 groups and complete 25 Bobby Hurleys, then run the 6 floors to…

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February 28, 2020

Melodic Running

THE SCENE: Dry, 43 degrees, someone left the lights on the field for us. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER F3 Welcome: Yes. Disclaimer: Yes. Mission Statement: kind of… WARM-O-RAMA: YHC created a playlist for the workout. After SSH’s were called, hit play (“Tequilla”) on the playlist and YHC forgot to count. This led to lots of mumble chatter from PAX and…

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