Moonset/Sunrise on the River

THE SCENE:  The full moon was gleaming on the waters of the Might Mississip.  The sun was beginning to peak above the skyline.  The lights of both bridges were dancing, lighting up the somewhat steamy gloom.  

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed and Welcomed

  • 20 x SSH IC
  • 20 x Arm Circles 10 each way
  • 10 x Daisy Picker

Mosey to 1/3 mile to grass Hill

Gus introduced me toTabata Exercises (20 sec on 10 off) the week at Arcadia.  It is great HIIT and a burnout of a workout when done for 4 minutes each set.  We did these on top of the grassy knoll at Beale Street Landing overlooking the river.  

  1. Merkins
  2. SSH
  3. Squats with Sumo and Jump Squats thrown in
  4. Flutter Kicks x 4 rounds / LBCs x 4 rounds
  5. Speed Skaters
  6. Dips x 4 rounds / Dry Docks x 4 rounds 
  7. Reverse Lunge x 4 rounds / Calf Raises x 4 rounds

Mosey back to Start Point

Tabata Plank


15 PAX – No FNGs – 1 Irish Goodbye; Ice Cube, Altar Boy, MIB, Boo Yah, Shooter, TLC, Hurdle, Monk, Teacher’s Pet, Dawson, Chioccetti, Havarti, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Fishbowl, Bailout – QIC

My eldest son was married on Saturday.  Awesome event!  Lots of folks there!  My daughter-in-laws cousin is a photographer and captured the photo I am passing around (passed around photo of him watching her with tears in his eyes and a respectful smile).  This is a cool shot…but as I studied it, my 18 year old son taught me some lessons. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to show emotion. There are tears streaming down his face as he watches her walk down the aisle. 
  2. Love your M like this face shows he loves her. He has loved this girl for 4-5 years. She frustrates him, is indecisive, has family issues, etc…but look at his face.
  3. Don’t have an outdoor wedding in August in Memphis…It was hot!

The guys pushed today.  Tabata is about you pushing you.  Loved watching guys that had more give more.  Good all around workout.  

Iron PAX Challange in Sept

2 Year Convergence @ Mothership on Saturday

An Ineffable Adventure – 6 guys did in 2 days what others had dreamed about for a year

The Backstory:

On July 22, 2017, F3 Louisville created a holy grail of a flag for other F3ers around the nation to admire.  The Ghost Flag.  They also created their own version of the Lexicon, which we truly stuggled to understand.  The rules of the Flag were stated and simple…bring 5 PAX to a workout where the Flag resides and you steal the Flag.  Many PAX of F3 Memphis had talked about doing just that.  They talked, they dreamed, the wished, and the talked some more.  They even created a Slack channel to talk about it…which they did.  They talked.  

A small group of HIMs, known to be “OF” the Annex, heard about the flag at the end of June, 2019.  Many of these HIM were newer F3ers.  They wondered why this was so difficult?  Why had no other region posted in Louisville and demanded the chalice.  Why were the Memphis guys talking about this and not doing it.  So, a date was set, HCs were given, and research began to determine the unwritten rules of the GF.  Where would it be?  How would it be presented?  What tricks would be pulled?  Would Louisville give it up?  

The Trip:

On August 2, 2019, 6 HIM (Bailout, Gomer, Gunshow, Speedy, The Dude, and Wannacry) loaded in a car and headed north.  They were accompanied by a Meter Mug and a Mini-Paper Gus.  These paper hims provided guidance and much joy for the voyage.  

The first stop on the trip was Coco’s in Nashville.  We all agreed that this was solitary shimmer of light in a barren land.  We enjoyed a dinner of epic portions, and waited for Speedy to finish…we waited…and waited…all the while the other Memphis guys were still talking.  

3 hours later, Speedy finished, and we headed on towards Louisville.  We made that trip expeditiously.  Speedy doesn’t eat fast…but you should see him drive.  We rolled in to Louisville 1 hour and 55 minutes later.  Checking in to the hotel (motel), checked for bed bugs and slept for a few hours, which we learned is plenty of sleep for a Louisville “beat down. ”  

THE SCENE:   Although, based on the #herekittykitty tweets from Kilo and other smack talk, we felt we had prepared adequately to take the flag from The “O”.  We had weaponry, tools, medkits, and smoke bombs, none of which were necessary.  As we arrived a few minutes early, the park was full, but it looked more like FiA than F3.    There were lots of runners, people stretching etc.  The middle of the park was empty, the designated meeting place had no persons, no flags, nothing.  We found an empty picnic table and we waited, along with Meter Mug and Mini Paper Gus, and a bucket of Slicnut.

It was a perfect 72 degrees and, when they finally arrived, the Louisville PAX were salty.  

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:    The Welcome was Warm.  We were all known and called “Memphis.”  We were respected as we backed up our talk with Action.  The Disclaimer was well done by Diablo.  Attorneys typically do very well with this.   


We warmed up.

Diablo led Dora.  We moved. 

Kilo led CMU bear crawls and lunge walks.  We moved and the CMUs moved.  

If you want more details, read this: 

BackBlast for The Ruiner at The O 8/3/19


We did a light set of American Hammers. 

28 PAX (No FNGs) and 6 Willie Lomans that came to take a flag.  Captain Insane-o, Face, Busch, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, McAfee, Worm, Grinder, Deuce, Glen Ross, OJ, Butcher, Mr. Kotter, Digiorno, Fall Guy, Double Down, Vincent, Violet, Wopner, The Dude (DR), Bail Out (DR), WannaCry (DR), Speedy (DR), Gun Show (DR), Sandman (DR), Gomer (DR), Kilo, Diablo

We made a circle.  The 6th man, “Face,” introduced why he was known as Face.  Bailout provided samples of SlicNut to all of the PAX in attendance.  As he finished this, Gomer grabbed the Ghost Flag and sprinted away from the group.  HE WOULD NOT BE DENIED!  The Louisville PAX stared on, slack-jawed in disbelief as this young HIM darted away with their cherished flag.  

We ended COT with a prayer and a cooler of water and beer. 


These men welcomed us, offered no shenanigans and were truly HIM.  We shared some laughs and some beverages and went for coffee with a few.  They were respectful and gave us a decent 45 minute workout.  

The 2nd F we shared in the car, at Coco’s, the Days Inn and at Senaca park are what the GF is all about.  We are creating the Memphis Region rules for GF as we feel some modifications are needed.  The GF will be available for other regions to capture begininng August 17th at the Mothership in Memphis.  Come and get it.  

F3 Memphis 2nd Anniversary – August 17, 2019 at the Mothership

The GF will be flying for Memphis AOs at the Annex on Tuesday.  We understand this KotB and sincerely hope it encourages you to post.  If this causes the Annex to win KotB, Speedy welcomes the Levee to come take it back on Friday.  

We sincerely regret that F3 Nashville never had the gall to capture the GF.  We were happy to travel through, enjoy Cocos and skip on over to take it!  

F3 Louisville is hosting a custom GoRuck tough event.  They said F3Memphis was welcome to sign up and not show.  

LOOOOOOONG 11s at Arcadia!

THE SCENE: The dew was misting the air as the sun began to rise on the Utopian AO.  

  • 30 x SSH IC
  • 25 x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15 x Daisy Pickers IC
  • 15 x Tempo Merkins IC
  • 10 x Arm Circles EW IC
  • 5 x Burpee OYO

11s with Merkins and Squats on each end of trail (running 1/3 mile round trip)  For non-runners, run to bleachers and back.    Stop near ditch and do 11 squats on each leg of each trip. 

We made it through 6-7 rounds.  

We broke off early from Tha Thang as many of us (definitely YHC) were smoked.  

  • LBC x 30 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
  • BBSU x 10 IC
  • Pickle Pounders x 15 IC
  • Plank Hold

8 PAX (No FNG) – Bailout, Beautyshop, Captain Obvious, Ike, Innuendo, Landline, Runner-up, Slots

Do Hard Things.  Challenge yourself.  Don’t take the easy road.  Look back, pat your self on the back and know that you (with the help of the sky Q) have pushed through, endured and conquered.  Today was hard for me.  We didn’t even have time to finish.  But we pushed through to the end.  

I HATE running.  Some guys love it…some guys don’t.  I don’t.  

IRON PAX Challenge coming!  Friday workouts here at Arcadia and Wednesday at the Saddle.  BOLO for more info and go ahead and register.  


Just Playing Frisbee in the Park

THE SCENE: 60ish in July…Are you kidding me!?!?!?!

  • 15 Daisy Pickers IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15 Michael Phelps IC
  • 30 SSH IC

Counted off 5 PAX.  PAX in turn would accept hand held luminescent orbital discus, call an exercise, then PAX sprint to the discus.  How every many seconds the PAX took to get to the discuss would determine the rep count.    If the throw fell short of YHC’s standards, then alternative transport mode would ensue.  Bearcrawls, crabwalks and power skips occurred.  Burpees, merkins, monkey humpers, lbc, arm circles are just a few of the exercises that were performed.

Done During Tha-Thang


4 PAX – No FNG – Bailout, Laettner, Photo Shop, Ricky Bobby


Two Wolves – A Cherokee Parable

An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life…
‘A fight is going on inside me,’ he said to the boy.
‘It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.
One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed,
arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,
false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego.
The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope,
serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy,
generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.
This same fight is going on inside you
and inside every other person, too.’
The grandson thought about it for a minute
and then asked his grandfather,
‘Which wolf will win?’
The old chief simply replied,
‘The one you feed.”

Good work men.  The sprints never slowed down today.  Thanks for pushing!


Grinch Workouts at Barracks and Arcadia

Half a mile from the runway and coming in hot (and humid) at the Cockpit

THE SCENE: Not as hot as it could be…but definitely wet in the air.  



  1. 25 SSH IC
  2. 15 Daisy Pickers IC – SLOW as they are intended to be.  


  1. Squat 1/2 Mile – 50 squats each 1/4 mile
  2. Merkin 1/2 Mile – 40 Merkins each 1/4 mile
  3. Dip 1/2 Mile – 30 dips each 1/4 mile
  4. Lunge 1/2 Mile – 20 lunges (2=1) each 1/4 mile
  5. Burpee 1/2 Mile –  10 burpees each 1/4 mile


  1. 26 Flutter Kicks
  2. 26 LBCs
  3. ABCs
  4. Hold plank until time (40ish seconds)


3 PAX – NO FNGs – Bailout, Soulja Boy, Orange Julius


Adapted from Jon Gordon’s book Soup.

1. People follow the leader first and the leader’s vision second – It doesn’t matter if the leader shares a powerful vision, if the leader is not someone who people will follow the vision will never be realized. As a leader, who you are makes a difference. The most important message you can share is yourself.

2. Trust is the force that connects people to the leader and his/her vision – Without trust there is a huge gap between the leader and the vision.

3. Leadership is not just about what you do but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do.

4. A leader brings out the best within others by sharing the best within themselves.

5. Just because you’re driving the bus doesn’t mean you have the right to run people over –  The more power you are granted the more it is your responsibility to serve, develop and empower others. When you help them grow they’ll help you grow.

6. “Rules without Relationship Leads to Rebellion” –  As a leader you can have all the rules you want but if you don’t invest in your people and develop a relationship with them they will rebel. This applies amazingly to children as well. It’s all about relationships.

7. Lead with optimism, enthusiasm and positive energy, guard against pessimism and weed out negativity.

8. Great Leaders know they don’t have all the answers – Rather they build a team of people who either know the answers or will find them.

9. Leaders inspire and teach their people to focus on solutions, not complaints. (The No Complaining Rule)

10. Great leaders know that success is a process not a destination –  As a leader focus on your people and process, not the outcome.


I miss 50 degree days and I hate running…and burpees.  However, the pain was made right by Soulja Boy’s PLC.  Oatmeal with Gellato was legit!  

Soulja Boy is Mothership Q!  Prayed for Halpert and his M.

A couple of miles…and some other stuff

THE SCENE: 73 degrees and 93% humidity.



  1. 25 SSH IC
  2. 15 Daisy Pickers IC


  1. Merkin Mile – 25 Merkins each 1/4 mile
  2. Stop at CMU’s
    1. 25 Temp Curls IC
    2. 25 Skull Crushers IC
    3. Switch CMUs / Rinse and Repeat
  3. Squat Mile – 25 squats each 1/4 mile


  1. 25 WWII Sit Ups IC
  2. ABCs

11 PAX – 3 FNGs (3 Leaves, Big Combo and McGavin) Bailout, Lipton, Photoshop, Ups, Shy Guy, Frosty, Puddle Jumper, Beautyshop



He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” The man said, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”—Genesis 3:11-12

Nothing quite gets under my skin like someone who messes up and passes the buck.  I have been that guy before.  We have all blamed other people. Actively, passively, or mentally, we’ve passed the buck in the game of blame.

Due to the increasing loss of confidence, we allow self-pity to drive us and others toward imminent failure. And in the end, we blame.  We blame because it’s our route to the justification given the lack of responsibility we have not taken. And in the end, who’s to blame? Well, the first man ends up blaming the woman and thus God—“The woman who you gave.” Gentlemen, this is a path that results in a dangerous move. Perhaps accepting responsibility would be a better choice?

Man up!  Accept responsibility for your family, team, calling, spiritual growth, and sin.

More running than usual because YHC hates, but needs, running.  Good mumblechatter throughout.


UFOs and Septic Seeping

THE SCENE: Warm and moist…little did we know they wet ground wasn’t just the dew…

  • SSH IC x 30
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 15

Counted off 5 PAX.  PAX in turn would accept hand held luminescent orbital discus, call an exercise, then PAX sprint to the discus.  How every many seconds the PAX took to get to the discuss would determine the rep count.    If the throw fell short of YHC standards, then alternative transport mode would ensue.  Bearcrawls, crabwalks and power skips occurred.  Buprees, merkins, monkey humpers, lbc, arm circles are just a few of the exercises that were performed.

Completed during Tha-Thang

5 PAX (1 FNG – Gym Shorts) : Bailout, Altar Boy, The Dude, Mulligan

Discipline is hard.  It’s tough to give and even harder to receive.  I am thankful that my kids respond well and display discipline.  The Dude being at this workout is a show of discipline.  He is the only F3 camper that showed.  Way to man up!

We instill discipline in ourselves by choice.  We choose to “show up.”  We choose to be the men we are called to be.

We didn’t realize that the ground wasn’t just wet from rain or dew…it was a cesspool.  Awesome way to kick off our camp day!

Dad’s and Donuts (and some hard work to boot)

THE SCENE:Typical July – Warmish with moist air.


25 Imperial Walkers IC

25 Hill Billy IC

15 Daisy Pickers IC

10 Arm Circles – Each Way


10 Stations set up and the PAX numbered off 1-10 and started at each station.  Each has its own mode of transport as well.

Station 1

25 Squats – OYO

Mosey to next station

 Station 2

20 Merkins – OYO

Slide left to next station

 Station 3

25 LBCs – OYO

Slide Right to next station

 Station 4

30 Second Plank – OYO

Bear crawl to next station

Station 5

25 Lunges (1=1) – OYO

Power Skip to next station

Station 6

20 Dry Docks – OYO

Broad Jump to next station

Station 7

25 V-Ups – OYO

Crab Walk to next station

Station 8

25 Mountain Climbers (2=1) – OYO

Mosey Backwards to next station

Station 9

25 Calve Raises – OYO

Race to next station

Station 10

10 Burpees – OYO

Walk to station 1

Boat Canoe and a plank hold.

80 (2 FNGs – Upgrade (moving from Nashville to Memphis) and Downgrade (vice versa with Speedbump, Unstable Unicorn, Lucky and Swoosh):  Bailout, (Duct Tape, Arrrrgh), El Bano, Farmer, J Date, Ratio, Choker (CapNCrunch),  O’Reilly (Hershey, Marshmallow), Lil Nicky, (Yayah, Cocoa Puff), Hitch, (Princess Nala), Tiger Lilly (Rufio, Lilly Pad, Izzy), Soulja Boy, (Emmit, Picaso), Peek-A-Boo, Jasmine (Espian, Little Pickle), HotNReady, (Flash, Monkey, Smarties, Frodo), Tremor (Queen Bee, Spidey Scientist), C-Lo (Lothar), Hello Kitty (Flamingo), Lipton (Sunshine, Bookmark), Chuck-E-Cheese (Skywalker), Halpert (Turbo, Sprinkles), Steinbrenner (Redden-backer, Sugar Cane), Photoshop (Double Dribble and Koala), Croissant, Jackhammer, Pops, Snowman (Thunderbolt), Mudpants (The Bruiser, Rambo, Pixie Stick), Topanga, Iceman, Bigtop (Resistence, Sunflower, Picket), Gunshow

Cotters to Chyna, Willie Lomans from Ausin – PooBear, Ehhhh, Babooshka


My family has been at church camp all week.  The theme of the camp was “God is Greater than…” with a different topic each day.

Monday was…(Darkness)

Tuesday was (Sin)

Wednesday was (Lies)

Thursday was (Fear)

Friday was (Death)

I want to remind you that our God is awesome.  He is greater than all those things.

Congrats to Tremor and GunShow for completing their first 345!  What a great day for F3!  The workout was hard but doable for the kids.  Awesome 2nd F with 15 dozen donuts and a bunch of coffee, milk and juice.  Will look to do this quarterly.

Slip Sliding Away!

THE SCENE: The ground was moist but it wasn’t raining like it was supposed to be.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome and Disclaimed


  • SSH IC x 25
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 10
  • Hill Billies IC x 10
  • Mosey to field behind school

Counted off 15 PAX.  PAX in turn would accept hand held luminescent orbital discus, call an exercise, then PAX sprint to the discus.  How every many seconds the PAX took to get to the discuss would determine the rep count.    If the throw fell short of YHC standards, then alternative transport mode would ensue.  Bearcrawls, crabwalks and power skips occurred.  Buprees, merkins, monkey humpers, lbc, derkins are just a few of the exercises that were performed.

Completed during Tha-Thang, but had time for ABCs back at start point.

15 PAX ( 1 FNG – Innuendo): Bailout, Mardi Gras, Webelos, Captain Obvious, Nature Boy, Beauty Shop, Rocket Launcher, Landline, Watchita, Rainbow Warrior, Chuck E Cheese, Chaperone, Slots, Runner-Up

Dad of the Year is not a title many of us carry.  We all mess up.  We aren’t perfect.  But…don’t beat your self up.  Think about how Lot treated his daughters.  To protect guests that he had, he offered his virgin daughters up to the ravenous crowd.

I do encourage you to focus on spending time with your kids.  Career is important, but the kids will remember when you played with them more than the brand of their shoes.

I love it when PAX that have not done this workout do it thinking we are just going to play frisbee.  This work out involves so many sprints and reps that is usually smokes me.  I think that occurred for most of the PAX and it is fun to watch.  The most fun was had by watching the sliding of Nature Boy as he hit a slick spot in the field.  That guy fell with style!

Naming of the new AO.  Options voted on were 1.  The Tree House 2.  The Wolf or 3. Arcadia.  Arcadia won by a landslide.

The Humidity is all in your head…or on it.

THE SCENE: Overcast and 73.  Humidity was around 99.6%.




1 Mile Ruck at a “fast” pace…no running


3 Rounds of:

5 Ruck Burpees

10 4 Count Flutter Kicks with Ruck overhead

10 4 Count Ruck presses (while on your back)

10 Ruck Situps

10 Ruck Curls

Brief Rest

 3 Rounds of:

10 Squats Ruck on back

10 Squats Ruck on front no straps allowed!

10 Squats Ruck overhead

Brief Rest

 2 Rounds of:

10 Right/Left Lunges Ruck on back  1=1

10 Right/Left Lunges Ruck on front no straps allowed!

10 Right/Left Lunges Ruck overhead

Ruck to cool down until 6:10.


6″ leg hold for total of 4 minutes time. Time stops when feet hit the ground.



3 PAX (no FNGs) – Bailout, Bookworm, Soybean


As you know, I am participating (or winning) the Pound for Pound challenge.  I am down 25 pounds since April 15.  Let me put it to you simply…I am hungry!  I have been hungrier over the past 7 weeks than I have ever been.

The gospel of Matthew says “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6)

Hunger and thirst are frequent human urges. It’s immensely satisfying to eat a meal when starving or to drink of water when parched.

Hunger is often used to convey a consuming desire, like a young and inexperienced sports team hungry for a win, or an individual who, after a string of failures, is hungry for success.

The question for your to consider today…”Are you hungry?”

Really enjoyed the time with Bookworm and Soybean as I don’t know them well.  The rucking section allowed us time to talk.   Mary sucked.