March 21, 2019

Ask and ye shall receive

THE SCENE: 43 with a nice fog over the field, and plenty damp from the rain overnight.  The perfect gloom.

SSH x25

Hillbillies x15

Mountain man poopers (just because of the name) x10

Shoulder rolls, forward and backward, x10

Mosey to the track, grabbed 1 CMU

Catch me if you can- one person took the CMU and moseyed ahead while rest of pax did 5 burpees.  Pax then had to go catch the lead.  Next person took the CMU while the rest did 5 burpees, etc.  Total of 1 mile.

Mosey to soccer field

Four corners- do a set of exercises at each corner of the field.  Mode of transportation was to run the long sides of the field and bear crawl the short sides.

  • Round 1- 10 merkins
  • Round 2- 20 squats
  • Round 3- 30 flutter kicks

Mosey back to startex

LBC x20 IC

American Hammer x20 IC

Sweat angels x 20 OYO

Australian sweat angels (flapjack from your 6) x20

Low plank/JLos x15 IC

3 pax, no FNGs- Ups, Lipton, Tomb Raider


Men tend to compartmentalize a lot- emotionally, socially, etc.  People might know us differently depending on the environment we are in- work, church, F3, family, etc- but not often enough do we have relationships with people (other men) that know our whole selves and who we really are.  Most only know us based on the image we want to project.  Maybe we do this out of shame, something we want to hide, or ego.  But it is important to have those relationships with other men who know us completely.  In our relationship with God- he always knows us completely.  He knew us before we were formed in the womb, and he knows every hair on our head.  He sees all- the good and the bad.  And He always loves us for who we are.


I had a nice workout laid out the night before.  But then Tomb Raider had to pipe up on Slack about reported “rumors” that we would be “bear crawling in the muck and mire”.  Well I certainly wouldn’t want him or anybody else who showed up expecting such a glorious event to be disappointed.  If bear crawling and muck is what you want, then bear crawling and muck you shall have.  Moral here- be careful what you wish for kids, you might just get it.

I also enjoyed listening to some good mumblechatter from Lipton and Tomb Raider.  I would have joined in but I couldn’t breathe so good for much of this workout.