June 20, 2019

Ascending Bearmuda Rectangle (ABR)

THE SCENE: wet grass; bright moon

VQ. Disclaimer? Yep

Mardi Gras 30th bday and Little John’s oldest 2.0 bday coming up on Monday


VQ’s first warm up was 10 SSH, attempted in cadence. Photoshop, Tomb Raider, and other PAX worth their Q constructively corrected VQ’s beginning and intro to exercise. Moved into Big Arm circles 5x forward and back. Mosey around the building.   

6 Queen of the Hills in honor of Little John’s oldest 2.0s birthday 


VQ took advice from Bailout and used the field for workout.

4 markers were set 20 paces apart in a rectangle formation. Individual sets ascended 10,20,30.

7 PAX began at Station 1 with Coupon Curls, then Bear Crawled to Station 2 for Squats. Lunges followed, Laettner rejoicing,  en route to Station 3 for Merkins.  Crab Walks to Station 4 for Mountain Climbers. From Station 4 to Station 1, Broad Jumps performed. PAX moved as herd.

PAX were in awe of Tomb Raider’s animal movement giftedness. David Attenborough would be proud and PAX agreed that Tomb Raider would make it to the ocean safely upon emerging from tomb.  

After 3 rounds, PAX needed respite so a Mosey to the Nature Station occurred. Upon return, PAX paired off for 40 reps at each station. To close it out, PAX entered the middle of the Bearmuda Rectangle to celebrate 30 years of Mardi Gras by performing 30 Burpees.

5+ minutes of Mary. Straight plank, side planks, LBC, and 6″ for up to a minute with 30 second breaks 
7 Pax – Snooki, Photoshop, Chuck E Cheese, Mardi Gras, Tomb Raider, Little John, Laetner
VQ spoke of impact Paul had on those he encountered in Acts, regardless of duration spent with them. Entire households have been impacted for generations because Paul spent time and shared the Word with them. Paul traveled with others doing this work, drawn together by the Holy Spirit, for a season in each person’s life. They were strangers before but brothers afterwards. They struggled together and encouraged one another, similar to F3 PAX.
Be a blessing to those you interact with today. It could impact a family for generations. Thankful for the opportunity to sweat with F3 PAX this morning and be encouraged by them. VQ will work on cadence.

Prayers for Interwebs, El Bano, The Dude, and others on mission trips. Prayer for Laettner’s daughter in her rucking adventure with Outward Bound.