April 19, 2018

Arms Race on (Cube) Route 66

THE SCENE: You couldn’t have asked for better weather today – 46° and a gentle breeze. Research* has shown that 46 is the ideal temperature for an F3 workout.

YHC got to the Berm early to make sure I could actually do the exercises I planned. Then four of us rucked around. Once the PAX started showing up, I passed out some CMUs. We were short a couple, so Gepetto grabbed a Berm Paver Presented By Hacker and Phat Pat had a medicine ball** that Imposter ended up using.

If you don’t personally have a CMU, find $1.31 in your couch, go to the contractor check-out at Home Depot, and ask for a cinder block. Tell them Soybean sent you and we will both be eligible for a rebate***.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: I may have forgotten part of it. Co-Q was there to assist (as usual). 

SSH IC x20
Rocky Balboas IC x15
Arm circles forward and reverse IC
CMU Swings IC x10

Route 66 is a routine wherein you perform one rep of an exercise at a telephone pole, mosey to the next pole, perform two reps, mosey to the next, etc. up to 11 reps. It’s nice, BUT IT’S TOO EASY! Instead of one exercise, why not do three? Instead of body weight work, why not use CMUs? 

Estate has ~26 telephone poles, about half of which have street lights. We only needed 11, but YHC didn’t want to short-change the PAX on distance, so I strategically and expertly planned our stops in a drive-by last night. 

Here is the plan for the trip North:

Exercise Pole 1 Reps Pole 2 Reps Pole 11 Reps
Derkin (feet on CMU) 1 2   11
CMU Overhead Press 2 4   22
CMU Curl 3 6   33

If we do CMU work the whole way, that means the CMUz have to come with us. Knowing that some of us would be faster/slower than others, YHC planned a resting position for the fast ones while they wait: the side-straddle hop. At the second pole, Imposter said, upon setting down his medicine ball and commencing to SSH, “I never thought of this as resting.” Yes. Yes, indeed. 

We finished the trip North around 0600, so there wouldn’t be time for the entire return trip. Shame.

This was the plan for the trip South:

Exercise Pole 11 Reps Pole 10 Reps Pole 1 Reps
CMU Triple Crush 11 10   1
CMU Pass Around 22 20   2
CMU Mtn Climber 33 30   3

The Triple Crush is a curl to OH press to skull crusher, and is a new favorite. Unfortch, we ran up against time and just did 3 stops on the way back to the Berm (the 11, 10, and 9 pole reps). OH clap and/or SSH til all in – right at 0615, just like I strategically and expertly planned.

MARY: Pickle pounders were promised for Bookworm, but he didn’t show, so we didn’t do them. Also, we were out of time. I never cared much for Mary anyway.

12 PAX, no FNGs

YHC shared a quote from the Q Source about Sua Sponte Leadership. 

“The Q is not just a Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome. He also exercises Sua Sponte Leadership to realize Advantage for his Group, in that he initiates Movement toward Outcome in the absence of directive authority. In other words, the Q is that rare man who will Lead with or without another Leader to direct him. He is That Somebody.”

How will you be That Somebody at home, at work, at church, in your neighborhood, and within F3? Read the full post here.

Prayers for Lil Nicky, who is traveling to Serbia for a mission trip (he’s not from there). 

This morning, before most people even got out of bed, we did 20 CMU swings, 66 derkins, 132 OH presses, 198 curls, 30 triple crushes, 60 pass arounds, 90 2-count incline mountain climbers, countless SSH, and yogged about a mile and a quarter with a ~30lb weight. 

T-CLAPS to Imposter and Red Roofer for sharing the dumb medicine ball. 

+ Q School THIS SATURDAY 4/21 at The Mothership. Shoestring is going to teach us all how to lead an F3 workout. 
+ BrewRuck 901 is Saturday 4/28
+ SOS Service Project is Saturday 5/5
+ GrowRuck12 is coming to Memphis in September. Stay tuned for updates, and start training now.
+ GrowRuck Happy Hours: Monday 4/23 at East End Grill in Bartlett, and Tuesday 4/24 at Wiseacre Taproom

* Based on a controlled internal poll of a large population of F3 Memphis PAX (n=2).
** It was Phat Pat’s basketball from 5th grade filled with sand or frosted flake crumbs and half-wrapped in black tape. A sad sight – but I wouldn’t be mad if we had 6 more of them. 
*** This is a lie.