November 7, 2019

Armory 11/7/2019

THE SCENE: We moved to the pavilion

SSH-20 IC, Daisey pickers-10 IC, Windmill-10 IC, Old man squat stretch thing-10 IC, Arm circles forward and backward OYO, Neck rolls OYO, Best stretch in the world (Per Farmer)

Tools of the trade – #60 sandbag, #20 ruck plate, 2-#20 dumbbells, 2-CMU’s, 4-Rucks, 5-Bad ass dudes!

4 stations with 1 runner as the timer per round. Each PAX would be assigned to a station with a ruck on. They would perform the work outlined with pink chalk AMRAP style until the runner gets back. Approximately 100 yard run. PAX would rotate to next station and so on.

  • CMU Shoulder shrugs
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Ruck plate front raises
  • Sandbag Thrusters (Front squats or back squats as a modifier)
  • Run! (No ruck)

Flutter kicks-20 IC, Box Cutters-20 IC, Freddy Mercury’s-20 IC, Merkins-10-IC. These were performed between rounds after the fourth round.
5 Bad ass dudes! Snowman, Hacksaw, Sparky, Farmer, Nature Boy
Take responsibility for your failures and successes. It’s easy to blame when we fail or don’t get the results we want. OWN all of it! Good and the bad. Failure is part of growing into a HIM. Good Bless.

YHC failed 3 times to fist bump Farmer at the end of the beatdown. He respectfully asked me to stop trying. I did just that. This was Sparky and Hacksaws first visit to the Armory and we hope to see them again soon. Prayers for Sparky and Hacksaw and their loved ones.

St. Jude race is coming. November Merkin challenge is upon us.