August 31, 2018

#ArlingTough sportsball (Tiger Lily VQ)

THE SCENE: Neverland (Playground of Dreams in Arlington), 75 and stupid humid and the most impressive thing ever spotted in Neverland – a member of the Leporidae family.

1 Welcome: I am not a professional despite my appears (not sure why but most pax laughed at something)
2 You are participating at your own risk and everything is a suggestion
3 You are responsible for yourself
4 You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
5 Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


SSH, IC x25
Arm Circles, IC x20
Daisy Pickers, IC x15
Bataan Death March around the medium park loop twice with last pax doing a single burpee. Ensured we maintained a slower pace during this evolution as we warmed up!

Gathered at the pole to explain that this is the start of the best weekend (college football kick off), so everything will be sports themed.

Everyone lined up in the sidewalk and each person took turns throwing the frisbee across the field. While in the air, each pax sprinted after the disc. Once it landed everyone dropped and bear crawled to where the disc landed. This is the moment we found out that Rabbit cannot throw a frisbee.

Everyone moseyed back to the flag pole where each pax got a sports ball (footballs, basketball or soccer ball) and then moseyed to the far end of the field.

10 lunges each leg forwards while holding the ball and twisting to both sides
10 lunges each leg backwards while holding the ball and twisting to both sides
25 prisoner squats IC with ball overhead
25 partner twists sitting back to back
30 Big Boy Sit-ups passing the ball back and forth with your partner
While holding a single arm plank 10 each arm make a figure 8 with you and your partners down arm
15 American Hammers IC with the ball

10 merkans on the ball
Mosey back to flag
10 burpees
5 merkans with one hand elevated on the ball
5 merkans with other hand elevated on the ball
10 burpees
10 merkans on the ball

40 Freddie Mercuries, followed by a little “Phat Pat” style Mary.

Five (0 FNGs): Gillian, Smee, Rabbit, Zima, Tiger Lily

Trust in God. As life decisions are upon us, be sure that we take time to just be still and trust God knowing that he has our best interest and knows way more than we could ever.

3 for 5 for the best coffeeteria in all of the F3 nation!

Something, something, GrowRuck, something, something, coffeeteria