July 8, 2018

Are You Ready For Some Football!?


The Lair: 74 degrees and balmy

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x 20 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 20 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle counter-clockwise as a unit) x 20 IC
*Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

THA-THANG:  It’s Football Time in Tennessee!!!


YHC led the PAX on a slight mosey to a berm-like hill thingy with a height of 10 ‘ and an incline of around 40-45 degrees
*YHC and the PAX took off on a dead sprint to the base of the berm…bear crawl up the berm…perform x 5 Merkins OYO at the top…crawl bear down the berm…perform x 5 Merkins OYO at the base…stand up and proceed to a full sprint back to STARTEX of this routine.
*All in
*Rinse and Repeat 


*YHC then led PAX over to the MPF (multi-purpose field) and explained the deets on what was to ensue
*YHC instructed the PAX to perform the following:

  1. Sprint 100 yards
  2. Face north and shuffle right about 50 yards
  3. Reverse Run 100 yards
  4. Face north and shuffle left 50 yards


*Tire Flip + Farmer’s Carry Sand Bucket + CMU carry
*3 PAX, 1 by 1, flipped tire, taking turns…50 yards
*1 PAX Farmer Carry Sand Bucket (x50#) while performing Squat Walk
*1 PAX carried CMU while performing Squat Walk
**At 50 yards…PAX changed places (tire>carry bucket or CMU and bucket or CMU > tire) to provide proper and fair beat-down for all; FNG stayed on tire…this took place until PAX reached STARTEX for this routine
***Total yards covered=100


*5 PAX, 1 by 1, flipped tire, taking turns…50 yards…transportation was the bear crawl…upon reaching 50 yard line, PAX continued flipping tire and bear crawl until reaching STARTEX for this routine
**Total yards covered=100


*YHC led PAX over to 4 brightly oranged cones
*YHC instructed PAX to perform the following, 1 by 1, single-file line:

  1. Sprint from SW cone…performing high knees…through an agility ladder to NW cone
  2. Upon reaching NW cone face north and do karaoke to NE cone
  3. Upon reaching NE cone still facing north, reverse run to SE cone
  4. Upon reaching SE cone face north and karaoke to SW cone

*Cones, placed 5 yards apart in a square


PART 6: PAX came for some football…so YHC wasn’t going to disappoint

*YHC place 1 orange cone at the 10 yard line and another at the 20 yard line
*1 by 1, taking turns as Qb, PAX would crawl bear to 10 yard cone…crawl bear back 10 yards to STARTEX then stand upright and sprint 20 yards
*1 PAX would throw the football to the PAX performing the sprint
**IF the Qb made a bad throw (uncatchable pass) or the receiver could not catch a catchable pass…whoever was at fault would perform (5) 8-ct Body Builders as their consequence
***Whoever was Qb would throw to next in line…then whoever was just thrown to would become the next Qb, in rotation
****PAX did Squats while they waited their turns
*****YHC led PAX through 5 rounds


*Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
*Scissor Kicks x 20 IC
*American Hammers x 20 IC (led by FNG, 15 year old son of YHC)

5; Swinger, Rabbit, C-Lo and O Positive (YHC) + (1) FNG: Strike King


YHC shared with the PAX how he has grown so much in so many ways, both personally and professionally in his life.  All he attributes to God’s unending FREE grace and attributes the continued positive influence that F3 (Memphis) continues to have on his life.  YHC acknowledged that he must push through hard times when they come and encouraged the PAX to do the same.  YHC stated just how privileged he was to lead his very own son, Collin, this morning, warmly welcoming him into the F3Family!

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

Solid beatdown coupled with a solid PAX at a solid AO made for a great morning.  YHC cherished this unique opportunity to Q his 2.0’s 1st BC and welcome him…’Strike King’…(fishes and plays baseball/pitcher)…to the Nation!  FNG gave his full effort with an intense beatdown fit for a king!  Well done, brothers….and son!


  • GROWRUCK is coming to the Bluff City…9/21-9/23.