June 24, 2020

Arcadia WolfPAX 1yrversary

The scene:  muggy 70, gettin better weather

Welcome and disclaimer: Provided. With only 4 solid PAX in the ranks, we are doing a tough workout with no whining.

SSH x50 IC
Bat wings
Merkins x10 IC

The Thang: Tour de AO Arcadia
Pax Mosey on path up to playground. Select some monkey bars to perform 3 sets of AMRAPS pull-ups.
Hold Al Gore between pull-up sets while resting.

Mosey back to new blue tennis courts. Split into 4 groups for 4 corners. Only 4 of us so that made ur easy. We transition together via bear crawl. Stations 2-4 are doing AMRAPS until the BBSUs group calls out all in.
1. big boy sit-ups x25
2. Low plank
3. Merkins
4. Dwight Howard’s

2 rounds, watch time. At 6:03, need to be on the district 5 court for finale.

Have a couple minutes, mosey back to playground for two more AMRAP pull-ups sets.

Mosey to district 5 court for Gordon Bombay’s burpeepalooza.

6:03 – one burpee
6:04 – 2
6:05 – 3
6:06 – 4
6:07 – 5
6:08 – 6
6:09 – 7
6:10 – 8
6:11 – 9
6:12 – 10
6: 13 – 11
6:14 – 12 burpees

Count and namorama: 4 PAX, Halpert QIC, Landline, Hobo, Innuendo

COT: A little over a year ago, Levee was averaging 20+ per BC. Putting pride aside as AOQ there, a few leaders in Germantown decided we needed to brainstorm expansion of a new AO. What days and where was the question. Slots ended up being the HIM who would take on AOQ cuz that’s the kind of guy he is. This, despite having to drive in from the dirty dova. A couple proximate PAX who formerly posted to Levee became staples at Arcadia and the WolfPAX were born.

Step up and lead something men. That’s what we are about.

Workout Date: