June 25, 2019

Arcadia Launch O rama

THE SCENE: Glorious rain, no lightning in the area

SSH x25 IC
Imperial Walker x10 IC
Daisy Picker x10 IC
Merkin x10 IC
Tempo Squat x10 IC
Partner 11s
– Ankle Throws (both partners complete exercise)
– Run to flag, pattycake merkins

The competition begins:
Wheelbarrow race around the tetherball pole and back (Team Woody U-rock won). Winners take a victory lap, losers do burpees

Mosey to the hockey rink for 1v1 with your partner
 – AMRAP Carolina Dry Docks (1 min). Winner takes a victory lap. Loser 11 burpees
 – AMRAP BBSUs (1 min). Winner = victory lap. Loser = 12 burpees

Mosey to the baseball field for a sprintable surface. 
1v1 sprint vs your partner. Winner = victory lap. Loser = 13 burpees
Gladiator Hands – 1v1. Game to 5. Winner = victory lap. Loser = 14 burpees

Mosey to the hill for clock Merkins x6 IC

Pickle Pounders x10 IC
Pickle Pointers x10 IC
Flutterkicks x25 IC
Slow Freddie Mercury x15 IC
Hello Dolly x15 IC
Hold plank 60 seconds

9 (0 FNG) 

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. 
Romans 12:10

As men, we love to compete and outdo one another. No matter how silly the contest (wheelbarrow race in the mud, gladiator hands, etc) we are happy to try and best our competitors. Let’s pursue outdoing one another in showing honor with the same intensity. 

Arcadia is a great AO. I’m thrilled it is launched and excited to see the local neighborhoods impacted by the goodness that is F3. 

It’s very enjoyable to observe grown men play gladiator hands, but clock merkins on that baby hill should become a staple of this AOs diet. It is perfectly angled for tricep enhancement.

4th of July convergence