March 14, 2019

AOQ vs AOQ F3 Trivia Burpee Beatdown

THE SCENE: Windy and 68 degrees. No rain.

  • SSH IC X30
  • Daisy Picker IC X15
  • Imperial Walker IC X20
  • Merkins IC X15


Tomb Raider vs Lipton for an epic trivia showdown of F3 Knowledge. To answer a question, PAX had to bear crawl or run to a destination. The first one to make it got to make the first attempt at answering. Penalty for the PAX who did not get the answer correct. Increased penalty if both teams failed to get the answer.

Question 1: Verbatim, what is the Mission of F3?

Both PAX got close, but failed to state it verbatim. 33 burpee penalty

Question 2: What are the 5 components of each workout?

Tomb Raider answered correctly and had to do slightly fewer burpees than Lipton.

Question 3: What does AO stand for?

Lipton answered correctly and got to mosey with YHC while Tomb Raider hit the battle rope until All In. 

Question 4: What is the biological or F3 name of one of the F3 cofounders?

Tomb Raider answered correctly and got to mosey while Lipton hit the battle rope until All In. 

Question 5: What is an Irish Goodbye?

YHC was generous and gave Lipton the point despite neither PAX not giving the correct answer on their first attempt. Lipton quickly recovered to include the part about not telling anyone that you’re leaving

Tomb Raider had to run with a CMU while Lipton was awarded with the battle rope. 

Question 6: Berm excluded, name 3 Memphis area AOQs. 

Tomb Raider answered correctly and got to use the battle rope while Lipton ran with the CMU.

Question 7: Demonstrate 2 of the 3 following exercises: Clerkin, Werkin, and a Ferkin

Neither were able to answer, so we did 10 OYO Clerkins, 10 OYO Werkins, and 20 IC Ferkins.

Question 8: What is a sad clown?

Tomb Raider answered correctly enough and had to do less burpees than Lipton.

Question 9: What is the F3 Credo?

Tomb Raider answered the first half and Lipton answered the 2nd half. They avoided a 33 burpee penalty and only did 20.

Final Score: Tomb Raider 5, Lipton 2

Tomb Raider was awarded with a mosey around the building while Lipton and YHC lung approximately 40 yards. 

American Hammers IC X 33
Tomb Raider, Lipton, Grimace (0 FNG)
God’s plan isn’t always our plan. God’s plan can even change. God’s plan can change based on our appeal. Don’t settle for the path that you think you’re on.  His plans aren’t always set in stone. Things can change. Be that change. 
Tomb Raider is the winner of F3 Trivia. Lipton counted his burpees and informed me that he completed 112 this morning. Way to get better!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: YHC is on Q this Saturday at the Mothership to close out my V345.